Friday, August 29, 2008

Comex & Wall E

Please don't mind me repeated my

top. Cause I was in a way, in a hurry.

Lol. Show me the monkey. HAHAH.

He's making me laugh. Thus my face.

Getting ready. Wild hair!

Tsming the hair session.

OK here's our order. FONDUE!

Aaron Ang Kar Yong. 

I find i look like a cat. & i like that

chocolate stain xD

Woke up around 10 plus am.

Did house chores.

Get ready to go out with baby boy.

For lunch, we ate at Pastamania. It's such a norm area that I don't bother taking pics of it. I ordered Sting Ray with Tomato Aglio. Baby boy ordered Mussels & Clams with white wine sauce. It was all right. 

We went to Suntec City for Comex exhibition.

It was ok. Nothing that i can afford right now. Sadded siaaa..

Then I was hungry again, wanted some dessert, so we went to get it at Anderson's Ice Cream. The place is really nice because white & pink looking. hahhahah. We ordered Fondue with 5 selections of ice cream. We ordered, strawberry cream, Mocha almond fudge, Chocolate something, cookies & cream & vanilla. ALL OF THEM NICE SIAA!! But can't beat Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Daz laaaa... Then we cam whored.

After that we decided to watch movie. On the way, we went to MPH. & he bought me a book. Unfortunately, with an aching heart that am telling this, I LEFT IT IN THE FUCKING CINEMA!!!! AAAARGH!

Ok show starts at 9.45pm. So I decided we go LAN for an hour or so. & as usual, we WoW-ed. Irritating sia. Like this particular quest we kept dying. & it's irritatin because configuration was all over. Argh. But fun nevertheless.

After gaming, we went to Basement 1 to eat some more. We ate, this quick bites area. It's Japanese food i think. We just ordered Chicken Karage or something drumlets. It's ok la. Normal only. Before the show starts, I ordered for crispy chicken & Potato Chips!! 

We went to The Cathay to watch WALL-E!! Very cute show. It's monotonous for me because of the plot. But it has a very good storyline. Very humorous. & funny. It made grown ups laugh as well. How cool is that? I give 3.5/5. Sorry to the fans. I just don't like the plot. Haha.

After that, I had gastric, so we went home straight. TODAY WAS LIKE FUN LAAA. I love my baby boy! & i am liking this song called Girls by Se7en.

*sings* I like them girls that's hard to get..*

Till then, enjoy the above pics :)


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