Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday's Outing

Me in MFM :D:D

Pool Time! Somehow it's a weird feeling

to see me this serious. o.o

Left: Naz, iNa, Sun

Right: Wan, Nas, Keen


Left: Mussels with Garic butter Sauce

Right: Seafood Chowder.

It looks like lobster soup

Baby boy in MFM :)

I like this top. Haha

Saturday's Outing was:

- Habbo Gathering.

- Shopping with baby boy & adds in drinking & dining

Well I met Nas cause we're to go and meet Naz,Wan,Keen & Sun at City Hall. In the end we were late due to waiting for Wan. Then we met e others at Marina Sq to play pool. Initially it was bowling but I don't wanna play bowling. HAHAH. So we played for 2 hours. I played 3 games. I won 2 due to SOMEONE making me win. It sucks. The feeling suck.

After that, we were too hungry we went off to Swensens to eat. I didn't really bother taking pics of the food because... erm... they are not as fantastic as the places i went to. Haha. But i was too hungry.. So I ordered Curry Chicken Baked Rice. It's ok la. & me & Naz shared chocolate crunch ice cream. We took quite a few pics just in the swensens itself. It was pretty fun outing just too short cause around 5.45pm me & the girls went off. Thanks for the outing :)

Met baby boy at 6pm. We went to search for a nice bikini at Far East, Heeren, Cineleisure & Plaza Sing. The ones that look nice is from Ripcurl. It's expensive. Although he is willing to pay, part of me thinks i shouldn't buy it. So in the end we didn't buy anything. Just went to eat at Manhattan Fish Market. I have the pictures for our starters but not main course :( So i'll just post it. We ordered Mussels in Garlic butter sauce. Standard. As always, the sauce is soo nice that after we finished e mussels, i still want the sauce for my main course. & then after that we had our soup too. It's called Seafood Chowder. The taste is too tomato-ish. & i don't really like it. Baby boy finished it. My main course is Norwegian King Salmon. It's really yummy! But my appetite just ebbed away when I found 3 bones. I have a phobia due to some happenings when i was a child so yeah. In the end baby boy finished it for me. Sorry :( Baby boy ordered some Cod fish & chips. I didn't taste it. My stomach too full. Heehee

After dinner we went to Alley Bar. Main purpose was to meet my sis' bf who works there. Upon arrival, he wasn't there & i had to like ask his friends. In the end, not planning to drink anything, we drank. JD coke. & knowing my pathetic drinking habit, i got high. Not drunk. Just high. My face was soo red & we end up not meetin him. Baby told me to go home.In that red face state.. we went home. Then around 1 plus i went back home.

That's just it for that day. The next pose will be about my previous days that I didn't blog!!


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