Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oh yeah. Am trying out highlighting the fonts with names of places or food or important notes etc. See if its pretty effective in making people read. Don't worry though.. I hate it too colourful.

I know am not all that fantastic in English.

& that i suck a lot in my Vocab.

& i am not a natural creative writer (unless its about ur imagination kinda thing). 

But am tutoring Lyn english. Muahaha. Since I seriously have nothing to do, might as well I teach someone to get some money. Obviously I don't teach blindly. Am just not that type. & yes am pretty good in my language aside from those two mentioned. & for now i'm pretty much satisfied with life. For I go school and stuff. 

Thurs & Fri was tutoring her. On Thurs, baby,Lynette, Yk & I went to Bukit Timah to eat at that hawker centre called Al-Azhar. It's not that bad. I was hungry. We ordered paper thosai egg & onion, Chicken kebab, Prata, Roti John & 25 sticks of beef & 25 sitcks of chicken satay. I was so freaking full!

Today I discovered baby boy's area is the best place to live in.CCK/Keat Hong. Walk for 3 mins is MacD, & also bus stop which has a 190 bus to go town (str8 in front of Far East). Walk for 5-8 mins is a 24 hour Esso shop. Walk 3 mins to the LRT which is just 2 stations away from CCK. It's so effing convenient to get food and in cases of when I got pregnant and craving for food, it's like so nearrr!! & the area has a 24hour clinic nearby as well. His area is awesome!!

& the best thing is..... 2 mins away is STEAK!! WONDERFUL STEAK!!!!!!!!!!! ARHH!! & also another good thing its HALAL! It's like oh so awesome( i mean he's converting soon, we can't keep eating non halal ones rite?)!!! 



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