Monday, August 4, 2008

Bear with me

Whoever reads this,

Please bear with me for 5 more days.

For am gonna keep squealing about how excited I am for this coming Saturday.


I met baby boy just now, & we went to Far East, Wisma, Taka & Heeren just to find my corset tube thingy. I tried and surveyed quite a number of tops.

We started off from 5 plus till 8 plus pm. Sadly, I couldn't see any corset tubes anymore and I just keep finding something which i end up liking. I found this really elegant semi-formal looking dress at CHAOS over in Heeren. It isn't an eye catching but it suits me really well that i bet it will be kidna eye catching. It's a tube dress. Not literally those tight tubes It's just flowy. & it has 2 layers. It is fuckingly tight hugging and it makes me sweaat when i wanted to try it on. It's soooooooooooooo tight on the chest part cause the dress isn't really expandable. So baby boy bought for me *shining eyes*

He also bought for me a shawl to match the dress *shinier eyes* As much as i can say i love him because he bought for me, but i love him more with him willing to spend endless search for what i wanted. I really love him because i just DO.

& anyway. Lil sis & lil bro said i look like 20 plus wearing that dress. Haha. I agree as well..


After the dress hunt, we went to Cineleisure to get our supper since it's 9 by then.We went to eat at Chicago Steakhouse at Level 1.

As starters, we ordered Mushroom chowder literally in a bread. like the bread is the bowl and they cut off part of the top of the bread and we dip the top with the chowder. IT WAS SO YUMMY. The taste is almost the same as Pasta waraku. WOOOOOOOOW.

Baby boy ordered their 'Steakhouse Fireball Signature Dish' or something like that. It was super cool sia!! sadly we didn't take a pic of it. It is reallly worth it. Like once the grill plate came, the waiter said ,"sir, please move away for awhile sir." And he poured this white liquid on the steak with a lighter lighted. And the whole plate was like on fire!!! It only lasted like 5 secs. IT WAS SUCH A COOL THING(though in my heart was like, please not to make anything get caught in the fire)!! I can like feel the heat sia. It's just soooo interesting.

I ordered their recommended ribeye steak with wild mushrooms. It was sooo delicious!! Their wild mushroom sauce taste a bit like garlic & butter. So its buttery & its really nice but it makes my mouth smells butter. So i cant rili kiss baby boy much. Coz i start feeling all self conscious.

For drinks, i oredered Strawberry fizz.Below its strawberry and e rest of e layer is soda water topped with strawberry ice cream. His's was passion fruit fizz. He dunno wads inside it just that its topped up with vanilla ice cream. Total bill was: $75. Which is almost e same as Sizzler. Only Sizzler is more worth it. Overall, the taste of the steak itself is normal but what makes it super nice is the sauce and the quality of the steak can actually challenge Sizzler. The steakhouse steaks are like thicker. But sizzler's wider but thinner.The service there was great. Like u dun need to tell em to do anything and they provide for u. So i gave em some tips.

That's all that happened today and baby boy  & me are satisfied for having good food. & my leg is like aching.

If you people are considering steak, i do recommend Chicago Steakhouse.


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