Sunday, August 17, 2008


The lil boy .Hazeeq

It was pretty early than the usual for me.

11 am.

Whole family's going to a baby's ceremony.

It's called the 'hair shaving' ceremony. 

It was really packed when we arrived. & knowing me, i am pretty much claustrophobic. So in the end my siblings and mom went to hide in a room. I was eating non stop. I had 3 rounds of food. I can't help it.. They are really yummy !! 0.0 And i spent 3 hours sleeping after that.

A bit later in the night was watching Olympics table tennis thingy & at the same time watching bike racing. & more eating. 

Roughly that's just what i did.

It's boring.

& i have no life.

& tomorrow am schooling. Sigh


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