Friday, November 12, 2010

Right here..Right now

That I am supposed to bathe as we have to catch a movie at 5 plus PM.
But my cramps are acting up and I feel lazy.
Pity Ron cause its his off day and now he's spending it sleeping beside me.
Feel really bad.

Had my first presentation(so called) yesterday.
It was to read a paragraph and summarize it.
So I summarized a paragraph that consists a total of six lines/3 sentences.

In a group there's 4 members.
1 paragraph to 1 member.
1 slide to 1 minute.
Since one of them is absent left 3.
3 people total of 2 minutes.

& the lecturer said we are too fast so a danger in lack of content.
What fucking content is there from an average of 8 lines/4-5 sentences?
Stupid-no-bloody-humour lecturer.

Whatever. I think I really need a bath.

What's Love

Can't sleep.
Have been busy.

How do you show that you Need someone?
Or is love needing someone?
Needing the person like food for your body.
Needing the person like the air that we breathe.
Needing the person like how our heart beats for us to be alive.

Why must it be shown Still when you know it all along?
What's wrong with me?
Obsessed? I really think I have issues.

The question is, why would I be insecure when there's nothing to feel
insecure about? Why can't I trust? It's because knowing how it hurts scares me.

Then where's my faith in him? I don't know. I guess knowing he loves me now satisfies me. But when I think of the future, I keep thinking of worse case scenarios, makes me wanna bawl like a baby.

It's weird how love as an emotion, alters one's mindset.

*feels troubled with a lot of things*

Monday, November 8, 2010

What happened in early 2010

Ron finished his NS in September.
Had my internship in April till October.
Lots of credit card debts =P(actually no really).
Was supporting Ron for 2 months cause he finished NS and had to find work.
Had fun during internship.
Bullshitted my Year 2 final year presentation.
Was happy to be out of school for awhile.
Lots of yum yum.
Lots of food.
Dieting my ass off because am becoming fat.


Rather low Vocab issue

Yes as you can see.
I haven't been writing much.
Novels I read was so easy to understand that words I didn't know I just forget to note down and find the meaning of it.

Have a problem.
& that is I like to procrastinate damn too much.
Oh God.
I have assignment due in 2 days and am still not done with it.

Ok I am getting really sleepy. I will stop here first. Plus I need to delete another blog.

Till then,


I pretty much decided to


this blog after looking and reading back everything.
Miss this blog loads.
The memory it contains, really valuable.