Friday, November 12, 2010

Right here..Right now

That I am supposed to bathe as we have to catch a movie at 5 plus PM.
But my cramps are acting up and I feel lazy.
Pity Ron cause its his off day and now he's spending it sleeping beside me.
Feel really bad.

Had my first presentation(so called) yesterday.
It was to read a paragraph and summarize it.
So I summarized a paragraph that consists a total of six lines/3 sentences.

In a group there's 4 members.
1 paragraph to 1 member.
1 slide to 1 minute.
Since one of them is absent left 3.
3 people total of 2 minutes.

& the lecturer said we are too fast so a danger in lack of content.
What fucking content is there from an average of 8 lines/4-5 sentences?
Stupid-no-bloody-humour lecturer.

Whatever. I think I really need a bath.

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