Friday, November 12, 2010

What's Love

Can't sleep.
Have been busy.

How do you show that you Need someone?
Or is love needing someone?
Needing the person like food for your body.
Needing the person like the air that we breathe.
Needing the person like how our heart beats for us to be alive.

Why must it be shown Still when you know it all along?
What's wrong with me?
Obsessed? I really think I have issues.

The question is, why would I be insecure when there's nothing to feel
insecure about? Why can't I trust? It's because knowing how it hurts scares me.

Then where's my faith in him? I don't know. I guess knowing he loves me now satisfies me. But when I think of the future, I keep thinking of worse case scenarios, makes me wanna bawl like a baby.

It's weird how love as an emotion, alters one's mindset.

*feels troubled with a lot of things*

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