Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am fine now.

Pictures are from Sat and go any lower, it's old activity.

Me, Hui Hui, Qiu Yan

Ryan, WaiKin, Mark

Please. I hate this pic of me.

I totally look URGH. So here's the cake.

Ok story goes like this. I was fooling around with my NEW thong.
It's NEW OK!? And RonRon snapped it for me.
Oh. I got the idea from Pintsize. A char from QC.

My birthday cake by my family =). I have like
3 birthday cakes for 2 years in a row. Wow.
I love you people!!

Yvonne & me. CO colleague.

My baby Hershey. Sheesh my bed damn messy.

NiNi & Me.

Sorry readers.

The last post was..
Just my sensitivity and a whole lot of mood swings.

Ok here you go.

My Saturday was spent with Hui2, Qiu Yan, Mark, Wai Kin, Ryan & RonRon(later part).

It was my belated birthday celebration & Wai Kin's as well.
We headed to Pasir Ris to eat Arnold's(which is yummy and my family's favourite chicken food;they have one in Paya Lebar).
& after that headed to Esplanade to meet RonRon after he's finished with his NDP thingy.

It was really fun meeting my old friends and destress me a lot since I keep working and shits like that.

As you all can see, I have stopped Movie Reviewing and food reviewing because.. I am not in the right mood these few months.

I am currently having family problems & financial problems. Well.. sort of but not serious. Still. Problems.

Eversince I age(or maybe its just naturally aware of), I have been pretty much worrying about lots of other future things.

I don't like asking my parents money even though I had to..
I don't like RonRon to keep buying me expensive food even though both of us end up giving in to expensive food.

& well lots of other things like me & mom's school loans, saving for erm, marriage..

GOD i sound old.

I am in the midst of NO LIFE right now. Work, Home, RonRon.

& after calculating my pay for this coming July.. it's 1.3K excl CPF. Wow.
No wonder my schedule is only 3 days this coming week. =/

Pictures are up.

Till then.



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Usual Attacks. Usual degrading feeling.

Guess I should be immune to these sorta stuffs .. right?

Oh . I guess not.

It's just GOD DAMN FUCKING degrading when you don't respond.

It's just motherfucking chao cibai kanina puki buto holy fucking degrading OK?!


DUN START WITH "bcoz-it-isnt-possible-situation" kinda shit with me!!


You know what? NOT POSSIBLE right?

Then i shan't make it possible.


Monday, June 22, 2009

YAY! Another update..

Illy and Me. After work face like shit la me.

Crazy & fun Irene.

Me & my eyebags. Sheesh.

Random random.


Another random.

First & foremost,

I would like to announce, I really miss my dear dear friends before I started getting busy working.

The wedding2 thing are just thoughts and plans la ok. I still wanna pamper myself with other stuff instead of saving up for.. marriage -.-'.

I can't make it for my work BBQ Pit since on that day my dearest Ulu colleagues planned a belated birthday party for me(seriously i am touched, Just like I was touched when Dwi & Adeq surprised me with an advanced birthday cake at Vivo).

& my colleagues kept telling me to make sure am able to make it.

I shall se how first.

Fourth, I can't get enough of my boyfriend.

Fifth, I am contented with how things are going for now.

Sixth, I have a few pix to upload.

I am so lazy to blog.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stupid Fucking Laptop

My laptop is dying on me again la. Wtf.

It's 1:30AM now and am seriously spose to sleep.
Work at 7.30 AM later.. (@.@) HAIYAAAH!

I was figuring out how the fuck am to make my song start.
& i had to redo the whole playlist and shits like that. Pathetic.

Oh well. Anyway..
Should I save up for a laptop or.. spend on clothess?!!!


Fresh ohh Fresh..

I am currently hooked to this song.
Bad Boy by a Korean singer Son Dam Bi.

It's a really catchy tune to me. Hee.

Work is pretty awesome at times. Other times its just mundane.
The peeps there are nice.
Work is pretty slack.
I love the money that keeps rolling in.

& i love it that I can shop at the same time(though truthfully.. its boring that 50% of my clothes are Cotton On @.@).


I shall update some pictures when I get all my pictures..

I swear I miss RonRon even though we met and I overnight at his place.
I talked to mom about our erm.. marriage plans..
Which is impossible if I wanna have the ceremony in a restaurant for both our families.
Financial wise impossible if its by end of next year la..

Sigh.. Money money money..


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Those Missing Days..

I miss RonRon.
Though we met over the weekend.

I hate Army.
They keep taking away RonRon from me.
Sigh.. Thank God work is here..

Morning shift later..

P.s, Dwi, am just kinda pissed and disappointed with your decision. You know what I mean. I don't hate you hor! Just upset. & I miss you as well.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random notes

Yes I'm back for awhile.
I have been busy with work.
Like fucking busy.

I am working at Cotton On Body Lot 1.

(to those i hate, don't count on me giving you a good service. Well, u dun deserve it in any aspect.)

It is FUN & yet TIRING & also, I get to shop. In a sense, to tell u the truth, by the time when I plan to quit the job, I would need to sell my clothes I bought from Cotton On itself. That's how many I gotta buy.


& anyways I AM PLAYING SIMS 3!!


Ok. Till then.