Monday, June 22, 2009

YAY! Another update..

Illy and Me. After work face like shit la me.

Crazy & fun Irene.

Me & my eyebags. Sheesh.

Random random.


Another random.

First & foremost,

I would like to announce, I really miss my dear dear friends before I started getting busy working.

The wedding2 thing are just thoughts and plans la ok. I still wanna pamper myself with other stuff instead of saving up for.. marriage -.-'.

I can't make it for my work BBQ Pit since on that day my dearest Ulu colleagues planned a belated birthday party for me(seriously i am touched, Just like I was touched when Dwi & Adeq surprised me with an advanced birthday cake at Vivo).

& my colleagues kept telling me to make sure am able to make it.

I shall se how first.

Fourth, I can't get enough of my boyfriend.

Fifth, I am contented with how things are going for now.

Sixth, I have a few pix to upload.

I am so lazy to blog.