Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fresh ohh Fresh..

I am currently hooked to this song.
Bad Boy by a Korean singer Son Dam Bi.

It's a really catchy tune to me. Hee.

Work is pretty awesome at times. Other times its just mundane.
The peeps there are nice.
Work is pretty slack.
I love the money that keeps rolling in.

& i love it that I can shop at the same time(though truthfully.. its boring that 50% of my clothes are Cotton On @.@).


I shall update some pictures when I get all my pictures..

I swear I miss RonRon even though we met and I overnight at his place.
I talked to mom about our erm.. marriage plans..
Which is impossible if I wanna have the ceremony in a restaurant for both our families.
Financial wise impossible if its by end of next year la..

Sigh.. Money money money..


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