Monday, July 30, 2007


Current doing: Listening to Boogie Wonderland
Wishing for: Clubbing

Actually i wish. I hadn't fall in love.
Fallin in love is stupid now for me.
I mean. Just for now.

I don't like to fall in love because:
1. Am gonna get jealous unnecessarily.
2. Fight over things that were dated way back.
3. Feeling insecure over nothing.
4. The ever 'u never understand me' line.
5. Having to NOT be me when around the `rents.

Hell yeah.

Plus. I dunno. It just makes my body emit more
positive ions which isnt good. It can give me health probs.

Not to forget the ever waste of sms or calls because of arguing.

Erm what else.
Oh yeah the ever phrase"I love u. So can we have sex?".

P.s its 2 weeks single. Woohoo. 2 weeks singlehood.
I am so sorry but i had never been this single for a looong time.
Oh well.. am bound to be alone soon.

Entertainer goin's soccer.
& so am here by myself to entertain myself.

Let me find something more constructive to do -.-'



Current doing: Chatting with my ENTERTAINER aka Fezguin!
Wishing for: My life to be just like Happy Feet.

Haha. HAHa. I dunnno y i just feel like laughing...
I am happy. So yeah. Happy for nothing really..

When e fact goes i fought with my ex.
SO yeah.

I am stilll happy coz..
I feel that its best just to think positive..

No matter what happened.
I know this FEZGUIN will actually be there.

Although i can't guarantee he's always there la..
Kaki kluar la ni budak.

Oh well.. so now am like plannign on how to make my blog look nicer and noting down things i should add and things i should edit on. Haiya. Not today. I have e whole night n days fer me. 2 weeks to be exact 0.O

Talking about 2 weeks. I am free from school for 2 weeks~~!! So people who are dying(HAHA) to go out with me... BEEP me ASAP!! Hurry!! I AM BORED!! :D:D Heeee...

Can't wait to go KL soon this 4th aug. For at least 3 days. With my school frens. Btw, dun worry.. Mosst prolly am bringing my lappy along :D:D SO i can contact all of u who are again dying(HAHAHAHA) to chat with me :D & webcam!! I can show u my surroundings or smth.. HAha..

OK fine. I shall stop crapping ard. I am so hungry!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My fucken heart

Current Doing: Crying my Fucken heart out
Wishing for: Please let me forget him

I HATE HIM! WELL I HOPE UR HAPPY NOW THAT I HATE U SO MUCH! THAT I HATE U!! I am crying.. coz.. i hate u.... SOBS...

I just so fucken hate you coz i love you!
I have so many fucken to hate you but i love you!
I hate you so fucken much that i love you too much!

From now on..
I hope you fucken leave me alone.
I dun wanna know.. Who and what ur doing to.
Or be there for whom.
I dun wanna know.
Coz no matter how much i wanna forget u.
I dun wanna be reminded of even a bit of u.
I dun wanna know who u were.
& what u were to me.
I dun wanna know who is iQi.
I dun wanna know from where I knew you.
I dun wanna know what was our memories.
I wish I had never let u fuck me.


Just anyone..
Am begging..
TO save me from this heartache...



Tuesday Stuffs

Current Doing: Listening to I swear
Wishing for: Food

Nothin much happened today. Because. I didn't go out or anything. I just stayed home. Rot. It feels like the old times.. Whereby I just rot at home.

Didn't go to work today because I have a paper tomorrow. & it needs studying big time. I am rotting like a log shit.

Ok. Since no one was rili home today. It was oni me and my lil bro. Cooked for him and stuff. YEAH. Cook. Coolness.



Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Monday

Current Doing: Reminiscing
Wishing for: My hp to beep.(from anyone)

Yeah. I miss him.
But. I dun wanna contact him.
My feelings for him is the same.
I still love him.
But. I can't forget the lonely days i spent.
The days I cried.
The days when I rather be alone.

I know now.. We are just not ready for a long term rship. No. If we are, we wud have small petty fights but not everyday kinda thing. I envy my fren's rship. They are so happy. I pray they last.

I fought with Aza. Coz. He said i dun care about him. I care for him. As a fren. I cant care about him too much. I have just fallen out of love. Second I dun love him. 3rd. In my position, i find he asked fer too much. Even if its just a meeting. WHen i say NO. its a NO. Coz i hate people forcing me. (Especially if i cant find any purpose to do what people wanted me to do).

Am all out of love. Although I know, there are thousands others who are experiencing this feeling now.. I know its never e end of e world, i know people kept tellin me there are other fishes in the sea, i know that i have to move one. But. I CAN. But. I just cant open my heart to anyone else. Q.Q is the only scar that's left behind by him. I love her. Like i love him.

Forget it.. I can't keep ranting about what's past now.

So shir told me some of Mother Teresa's Quotes. It's really deep. & it touches my heart. Her words kept me thinking about the world. That in the midst of all the war, the global warming.. There is still some good in the world. That's worth fighting for. That ur not gonna gain anything by worrying.. & the only joy ur gonna get is by doing something right in your life. Something peaceful. Something that makes u happy(although i'll be concerned to those who think killing makes them happy.. Am referring these happy quotes to the SANE people ok.) Something that does not need harming another being.

These are just dreams. The world will always have a good & e bad. & you can choose which you wanna go to. I daresay am not a perfect human. But i hope those people out there.. whatever u choose.. Ur responsible enough to face the consequences. God bless you all.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Food Spree

Current Doing: Listening to music
Wishing for: food & outing with e girls again!

First of all, I wanna talk about what i ate with Hui2 & Fadil 2 daes ago :D
Here's e pics..

Our overall spread.. Yum Yum

Prawn dumpling Noodles. It IS delicious!!

Laksa. Completely yummt :) Hui2's dinner :P

Black pepper crab. It's super fucking *&$%^*% yummy!!

Seabass Fillet With tomato sauce, it's superb!!

Chicken satay. It depends on ur taste. To me, its soft >:)

Honey glazed BBQ chicken wings. SAVOUR THAT!

YES! & they are all fucking delicious and appetizing! Although i have to admit. 3 of us eating all of it was really difficult. We got so damn full that we had to take away some. Oh well. It was really worth it thou. Thanks Fadil :) Btw, these food is from Night Safari. Ulu-ulu restaurant :)


It's what happened just now.
We went to... Braddel. To mediacrop to watch SAJC rapture concert. Woohoo. It was ok. The one that hype e whole place up was Fantastic 4. yeap2. Their dance steps are super cool & funky & sexy.. HAha. Then after that.. Styles from beyond rocks too!! E girl did headspin!!! WTHWTH. Too bad i didnt rili take pics of the dance n all. so yeah. No pics.. SORII.

Now, I only have pics when me,shir & ika went to Boat Quay. Haha. We were waiting fer Ika to finish her prayers so me n Shir camwhored. More of I became the photographer. Coolnes. It turned out damn cool. Well After that.. we went to Esplanade. To watch the fireworks. Am amazed.. how much watching e fireworks makes me feel so damn happy. & after that, me & shir decided to go home. We bought Mrs.Fields. & ate. & went to 7-11. We bought Jim Beam Coke. I kinda need to drown my sorrows.. Well.. It wasnt helping really. Coz i wasn't drunk or nething. Oh well. I really dun wanna end up drinking actuali. But i guess.. Like what shir said.. Drinking do help surpress part of the emotions.

Oh well...My mom is angry at me coz she said i have been out with my frens. ONLY with my frens. I felt bad. To make her feel angry. I love her. I dunno y but .. I feel that.. I am pissed n all.. but to them. Only that, my mom tend to nag a LOT more than last time. Sheesh. But i swear. I LOVE my family. & i am trying my best to make them happy. Sigh..


Saturday, July 21, 2007


Current Doing: Reflecting
Wishing for: Peace in my heart

I msged fik. Saying I miss him. & i guess it was too early to msg him after a break up. I truly miss him. But i do not want to be with him nor anyone. I just need to let it out to the exact person than to people who knows about my probs. Well..

He hurled me lots of things. He called me a playgirl. He said "bitches they come they go." He said i was just trying to get his attention by msging him saying to himt o pay back my mom $10. I wasn't really tryna get his attention to get him back. I swear. He thinks I have another guy. Or replacement or whatever. I DO NOT have another guy to replace him or another guy to love. He said he had enough of me. I cant reply anything. I forgave him for neglecting me. But i guess he haven't forgive me for all my past. I shall jsut pray he will. I know.. I can defend myself. But what's e use of digging up things thats from e past now? Nothing. I shall just give in coz.. Whatever he said.. Is all isn't true. I just hope.. he feels better saying those things to me.. Am out of tears.. I envy my fren's rship.. On the other hand.. I learnt a lesson.. A valuable lesson about love..

Love hurts. be it in any form. It shows how much a person loves u if they are willing to give u chances. How far they really are willing to go for u.. They dun promise u the sun, moon or e stars... They promise u reality. & they keep it. No matter how small the promises are.. It still meant a lot to em. I promised him i'll love him forever. I do. & still loving him. Its just we cant be together. Coz i dun agree with e way he is treating me. To him, my resort is only break up. To me, enough is enough. If i can't knock sense into him with my words. I have to do something drastic as this. He left me with no choice.

One thing is for sure. I am not confused anymore. I am single. & i shall make full use of this spare time of my own. I love him. Yes. But I wont want to be with him.. for now..coz.. we disagree too much. & i ain't gonna blame anyone rite now. Last but not least...

I wont contact u nemore.. If that really makes u happy & contented...


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Leading The Single Life

Current Doing: Listening to I wanna fuck you
WIshing for: Booty call.

Yeah. Its the hormones again. I know I want it. But I am controlling. Cause this is seriously not cool. Needing a booty call when ur single. I mean like yeah I have some contacts where i can get it easily. But i ain't that sorta girl.

So i am single. For 4 days. I shall take it as it is as he did not contact me. I didn' contact him. So yeah. I mean i know i can get so called replacements but the current guy Azahar. Isn't a replacement or any sort ok. He's a fren.

My frens told me my hair is nice. Haha. I find it funny. I dunno.. Short hair is a weird feeling for me..

I am missing him. I do admit. I miss him alot. When I look at his pics.. & knowing that he never contacted me.. I start to loathe knowing him. i have no idea why.. I guess thats just how I wanna get over someone. Coz frankly, people told me to cool it off more like.. Just relax. I can relax more now. Not compared to e previous night. Whereby I was crying my heart out.

Although to admit as well.. Azhar was there for me.. To cheer me up. I just wanna say thanks for that. Haha.

Today's exam paper was easy. Paper started at 10am. I arrived school at 10.05 am. I still have 55 mins to go to the exam room. The thing is that I didnt know that there was 3 examination rooms. From level 2 i ran to another block. & suddenly realised that it wasnt myc lass at 10.55 am, i ran to e other block which was a level 1. It was tiring. People thought i came to school VERY late. Which wasn't true..

So here i am. Aza was supposed to call me but i guess he fell asleep. SO its ok. I have my own time for now.. Saw HIM goin online. It wasnt on purpose or nething. Just suddenly saw him. & i felt sad & neutral at the same time. neutral coz its not like i dunno how to be alone. SO its neutral. Sad coz e last drop of the name 'PhiQiQie' isnt there anymore. So there you go. Our chapter ended. Just there.

Plans for this week:

1. Meet Hui2 tmoroow at 6 to go to Night Safari get dinner.
2. This Saturday there's a Rapture concert. Go with Shir xD
3. Upcoming chalet on 30th & 31st. (Glad mom allows me.)
4. Rot my ass off. & work


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Suppressed Feelings

Current Doing: Listening to Usah Lepaskan by Taufik Batisah
Wishing for: Some peace in my mind & heart

I do not know how to start myself. I am feeling more lonely than ever. Although i admit.. Its a neutral feeling. I have always felt lonely. Parents working. I on the other hand.. school, work.. & i rarely talk to them now. Unless we have some family gathering or just a simple dinner. Me & my sis maybe in the same room but we dun rili talk much now.

I told him.. To let me go.. Its not really his fault. I do not know. It sounded petty.. Thats what Shir said as well.. I shall spill my feelings then..
I told him to let me go because.. Lately.. our rship was just.. school,work.. & i wait for him at night.. not cause he told me to.. cause i want to talk to him. I miss him. I care.. & i just want some time with him. Attention for that matter. But.. him.. he's always busy and that he always get tired after work. So it meant that i cant talk to him. He will tell me to go to bed. & this will be an issue. It isnt just once or twice. i tolerated this for quite sometime. & yes. I must understand. I did understand. Understand comes with patience. & my patience was wearing thin. Its like.. I rather not wait for someone knowing i have no one to wait rather than wait coz there is sum1 i am waiting for.. Or to put it,.. I rather have no attention at all than knowing i SHOULD have attention..

I rather be lonely than be left alone.. Coz it hurts.. knowing i have sumone.. but no one at the same time.. I got to know this guy name Azahar. He is really a sweetheart.. But.. I have no serious feelings for him at all. I just cant. No matter how sincere he is. I can't & i don't. Its a different matter.

How much i love taufik.. I cant help myself to follow my mind than my heart. It always come with a price when i follow my head. My emotions. & i just have to keep my emotions intact. I love Taufik for whatever history.

But i know... Our lives.. will never meet again. Never. I am planning to go off to Australia. I hope my parents agrees with me. I need to get away from falling in love..

I need to get away from people i know..
I need to get away from whats life in Sg..
I hate running away.. but..

I have some comlications of myself that i have to handle.
I dun understand myself either..
Please.. God.. I really need peace in me..

I am feeling like I am suffering a big issue although to other ppl's view it isn't. They do not know when they are not the one going it thru NOW be it they HAD or then HAVEN'T.

To Aza..
I am sorry. I just dun think that I'll ever give u a chance to be with me.. No matter what. Ur a great fren to me.. I really suggest u move on and find someone who will really love u back. I am a stubborn slut and if my decision makes me feel more lonely as ever.. I shall be responsible of that myself. Cause i guess i wudnt be here long anyway..

To Taufik..
U didnt reply my last msg.. I understand.. u have e right to feel angry and upset and disappointed. I dunno if ur thinking am like all ur ex. I dunno. I dun care either. Well u see. I dun care about nething nemore. & i just hope u find some happiness in ur life. in ur bike. In ur frens. i dunno. Goodbye my love. My last msg to u..


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Haunting Memories

Current doing: Tearing up
Wishing for: Someone to Hug me

The memories that lingered in my mind.
Came at such an awkward and random moment.
I do not understand why I start to cry.
But these thots stay permanent.

Like it all started out.. Since 14.. I start having raging hormones. Rebellious, Attention seeking, Boys, Vanity..

15.. Boys after boys.. Making them a collection.. After date.. Went to a corner.. Where all what i thought was fireworks.. started..

No.. I was a promiscuous bitch.. But I was tight. No one could bed me. I was Queen of abstinence..

I thought I was.. Till I met him...

He.. Who made me feel comfortable. He.. Who made me feel like settling down.. He.. Who changed my whole perspective on relationships.. He.. Who made me feel on top of the world..

For just...



Hell breaks loose..

straight after that.. He.. who start to have feelings for an old friend.. He.. who starts to find other girls' attention.. He.. who never fail to make me cry every night..

On my.... major high school leaving examinations...

In return.. I.. cheated on him.. I went to other guys for attention.. Seeking the kind of love i really need.. First attempt.. Failed... & went sober.. Well I thought i was sober...

2nd attempt.. He.. lied to people i went on with that person for 2 months when i knew him for just 2 weeks..I went really sober.. I swore to myself.. I am going to love him(He)... & only him..

On both occasions.. He.. begged me to forget them.. I sincerely did forget them.. I love him too much.. To put whatever hatred i had for him..

People.. told me I am a fool. Told me I am stupid. Told me I could get someone better. They just try to make me feel better. No one told me.. to go on and see what comes out of this relationship no matter how bad. No one told me to go for e person u love no matter what time i waste. No one tried to make me look at the positive side of all this.. I carried tgus optimistic views.. alone..

NO ONE.. knows everything..

How come...

I managed to suppress all these feelings in 33 months? How did i manage to keep my tears in place?

Am I truthfully feeling?

He is now.. A busy person. He .. told me.. e money is for us.. All i could see is that the money is for his bike.. His design.. I do not understand.. Why... Why he gets tired of me.. Why is he treating me this way.. When he's e one who started all of this? Why am i still with him??

i love him too much...
& no matter what time i wasted..
i shall experience this be it painful or happy ending..

With much pain & happiness..


Friday, July 13, 2007


Current doing: Nothin (stomach growling)
Wishing for: A bouquet of teddy bears

I shall start of with something much nicer first. Am expecting royce chocs aT Shir's place later in the evening after work. Love life for me has been pretty good. I love Mr.Bf for bein patient with me even though whatever nonsense stuff i initiated to him.

Here comes e bad one.

I really do not know if i shud diss. Or shud i understand or shud i just keep quiet about it.
My dear girl,

Here's me typing out what Shir & me felt with you leaving us for 1 week. I won't say leave. More to ignore. Girl, u are having a problem. Which me & shir cant deduce or think of what's exactly the problem is. If it's about ur exams, sure.. we wud understand if you cud just tell us. Even though that excuse is seriously lame, but you're leaving us hanging. It's not like we didn't try to contact u or anything. Its more like we DID. & we are worried & we CARE. Ur so called disappearance or whatever, is seriously unacceptable with what's ur position. & if ur reading this and u start muttering WE do not know wth ur facing, of coz we don't. Coz u didn't tell us so u can't blame us for expressing this way.

Oh plus, u gave me a msg saying u CARE. I am sure u won't forget our Friendship. But if u CARE, u wud have just give us a notice not to disturb u. If u CARE, u wud have gone down eating seafood with us. We were tryin to contact u like mad. If u CARE, u wudn't ignore Shir's msg or my phone calls. Like yesterday, I know, u weren't in the toilet. I heard ur voice. I do not know what's the real problem here.

On me & shir's part, we respect ur privacy as a friend. But as a best friend, we want to know why are u doing this to us. We r feeling pisses, sad,angry all at the same time & e only thing we can do is just wait for God knows how long. Which isn't fair unless this silence has got to do something about US.

It's irresponsible & no offence & immature ofyou to act this way. It is like, ur seeking attention but not telling us whats d problem. that's childs play. I dunno what u went/are going thru that made u this way. But i dun think its as worse as what shir went coz i know ur a smart girl.

Just to let you know, when ur feelin much sober and kind enough to talk to you own best friends, we are here waiting. dun leave us hanging. We still love you no matter what..


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Seafood Spree~

Current doing: Patting my Pico
WIshing for: Chilli crab ( i shall tell u y)

Yay! Today went Rex Mackenzie at Prinsep St near to Dhoby Ghaut Area to eat SEAFOOD! Yum2!! Crab!!! I LOVE CRAB! P.s I can't eat prawns coz i will get some allergies. Pathetic isnt it.

But oh well. My family and I plus shirin went to Mackenzie to get what i always wanted. Crab. I wanted Chilli crab But shir don't eat spicy food so i chose black pepper crab. Yum yum yum. the bill was $104. So that's alrite. I consider that normal.

Nothing much happened today. Just that.

Nuryn called me just now to transfer some prepaid money to her bf's prepaid. I mean its like 1 bux so no big deal (althou it is for me to contact baby boi.)... So the number was .....6616.. I ended up giving it to ...6615.. Damn it. I was like SHIT.

So that 6615 number called me up and asked me stuffs. I told HIM (y must it be a HIM!!??) that it was an error and stuff. P.s he's chinese. name Dennis. So chinese girls, grab him ok. Thou i dunno how he looks like. His frens was like laughin in e bground. I was seriously embarrassed. Like. GAWD. How cud i send it to the wrong person. Plus I can't send nemore credit to Ryn's bf. Lower than 3 bux -.-'. So then... that's that. That guy can actually end up making frens with me.. HOw unusual. I am not interested. Big time.

Other than that. I am waiting for Mr.Bf to come home. I hate it the fact he always come home real late. & somehow i feel pushed aside. Haiyah! Love u la baby!


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Aryan Orgasm

Current doing: Sit back & relax

Wishing for: Strawberry Aryan!!!!!

Yippee!! Good news!! I finished ALL my assignments!! WOOHOOHOO! Partly thou i feel like i may get a C or D for my Economics. It's like really difficult. Ok fine. Whatever.

Bad news is, my exams are coming in a week's time. Hooray -.-'..

Yesterday was damn fun!!! After Economics class, Me,Pinky,Vicky,Shamini,James,Samad,Carol,Faysal,Raja,Justin all went to Sheesha at El-Sheikh. There was other friends too.. But i really forgot their name. hahas. So we ordered 2 sheeshas that cost $15 each. Then ordered 3 aryans.. strawberry for me & 2 mangos for vicky n pinky. IT WAS FABULOUS! MY GAWD. The taste was THE best of anything i could think of. I nearly wanted to order a second one.

So sheesha-ing was fun as I sheesha-ed 25 puffs straight. It didn't make me ultimate high. It was like slightly high. I wudn't call it tipsy coz it isnt. Haha. Then e guys like challenge God knows how many puffs. So James was like tryna get high all e time. Then we camewhored like ALOT. I will put up the pics here :D

The negative part of it was that. when we wanted to pay, one of the bitch said "erm what are u guys doing?" & rolled her eyes. I was like. WTF?! I nearly told her to ask properly. I bit my lip and just went downstairs. I wanted to give a feedback form, but well, we were too far from the place anyway.

We went Macd after that, to get some dessert.. & we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Came back home around 12.15 AM. Tired. Mr.Bf was quite angry at me for coming home late. But he was ok.

Here are the pics btw:

iQi- Tryna see the smoke
James & iQi- Look wasted (FRENS ONI!)
Vicky & James - Couple of the Day
Pinky & iQi. Adores

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Assignments Due

Current doing: Rest from reading scary stories
Wishing for : Mr.Bf to get home as i need a booty call (HAHA)

& so.. Today i would say is pretty tiring. This is because... from morning 10 am till 11pm or so i was out. First to school, then in the afternoon went to National Lib with Azlan & shafiq to do with marketing project. But those two smart asses haven't even finish their ITT proj which due last sat -.-' So I have to do marketing by myself and that was ok until i had no time to like finish all my notes. Damn it! I mean like my Marketing Project is due on 5ht July! I am in a fucking rush. I have no reference right now so i have to do mine tomorrow in school. Freakingly big time. PLus i have to finish economics tomorrow as well as its due on 6th July. Fucking hell. I am stressed out & right now, I am tryin to relax myself...

Ok other than that.. What happened earlier was nothin much. Met up with Shir because i wanna get dinner at my workplace. I do not know why but i was craving for food there. So I was there. Eating, Laksa, prawn dumpling noodles & BBQ-ed chicken wings. Drank coconut. Yum yum. After main course, went Ben & Jerry's to eat ice cream. It was heaven i tell you. I love food so much.

After that i needed the toilette really badly. Shir had to go and get her mom & step dad some food so thousands of apologies shir, i couldn't accompany you knowing very well you dun like that area. AM SO SORRY! Then I came home..

P.s Lately, mom has been nagging ALOT. Its either her or its just that i get easily irritated lately. I feel bad for like telling her off in a soft but rude way. I have no idea why am behacing as such but i just wanna say. I love my mom & pls forgive me if ever i hurt you. U know.. Hormones.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bad Love life

Current doing: Webcamming with Claudia (HAHA)
WIshing for: Not to go to work & drinking Coffee Bean.

First thing first. Congrats Claudia(P.s visit her blog!) cause you manage to get into the semi-finals for Teenage icon! (APPLAUSE). All e best & good luck to you! Remember if you become teenage icon, make a speech with my name in it :P HAHA.

Back to serious shit. Me & Him got into a fight for the past few days. It is really irritating. It's like when i start to cool down. He starts giving me that nonchalant attitude. I hate it. Its like.. Whatever am talking to him is boring or something(mayb it is is because that i have practically nothin to talk abt). Plus. I know he's sleepy but.. Everyday is like. "baby am otw to work", or "baby i mish u", or "baby i call u soon i finish work". & when we're on the fone.. He was like this..".............." & i have to be like this,"A.B.C.D.e etc2". Totally (& not literally alphabets >.<). & so i was fed up yesterday & he put down on me & msg me not to msg him coz he know am goin to(which ironically i wasnt goin to) & that he wants to sleep. So i cried myself to sleep. He called me up a few mins later & i rejected. & i didn't wanna talk to him anymore. Like it started to make sense to me the only time he finds me is when its all about THE sex. Other than that, if he starts feeling fed up with other people, he tells me but most of e time i leave him alone coz consoling him only irritates him. So hell. He just msged me to drop by his workplace later after i finish working & that he'll send me home. Hell. I am seriously not gonna do anything (plus period is here -.-'). I still love him no matter what.

Now, I havesome plans to plot on here.Like, i have plans to go Double O this Thurs but but.. says dun go there coz there's alot of fights or something. SO i changed my plans to go Home Club on saturday to celebrate Earth Day. Woohoo. I mean like, partying because of Earth Day, i shall thake that as a good cause. Huahua. I shall tell my darling gal pals if they would wanna go.. Plus saturday afternoon am goin to eat Seafood with the girls at Bedok ( i shall pray shir's wisdom tooth wont be extracted) & sinfully bloat myself with lotsa seafood(the calories count!). I shall enjoy eating like no one's business.

Term break this coming month or so.. I am going to have a chalet. My class chalet. Whereby $15 each i think. I dunno. It's still not confirmed. But 2nd Term break, I AM GOING TO KL!!! YAY2! WOOHOO. I can't wait! But i still eyt to tell my bf about this plan. Hopefully he agrees.

Ok. Nothing much to update really. Other than that.. till then..:):)

Monday, July 2, 2007

& at last..

I sorta figured out why I can't choose the blogskin I wanted. The nw version kinda suck reall.y It's like its very sensitive towards its code. & edit one by one. To them e whole thing became wrong. & so am just testing my blog out really. Just to see how everything goes xD


The usual First Entry

Current doing: Waiting for Mr.Bf to call me up.
What I wish : To actually finish up 2 more assignment in 4 days time.

I forgot my old blog Id & pass. *Pfft* Blame my STM head. All right. I hope by making this new blog i will update it regularly because I yet to polish up my English due to work (where all the chefs can't speak/understand certain basic english) & also me trying to learn Mandarin. YES! I am!!

To those who do not know much of my surface. I am schooling full time at MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore) takign course in Travel,Tourism & Hospitality Management. I am working part-time at Night Safari Restaurant, Ulu-Ulu.

At work just now, one chef knew I could speak some basic words and understand basic chinese (when they do not speak fast). Unfortunately, he was speaking mandarin to me so fast that i have to guess. Well am lucky I got it quite right. That's why i Need to learn Madarin ASAP.

Ok. I shall update this much for now as i have not edit anything on my blog just yet. Till then, Toodles.