Thursday, July 5, 2007

Assignments Due

Current doing: Rest from reading scary stories
Wishing for : Mr.Bf to get home as i need a booty call (HAHA)

& so.. Today i would say is pretty tiring. This is because... from morning 10 am till 11pm or so i was out. First to school, then in the afternoon went to National Lib with Azlan & shafiq to do with marketing project. But those two smart asses haven't even finish their ITT proj which due last sat -.-' So I have to do marketing by myself and that was ok until i had no time to like finish all my notes. Damn it! I mean like my Marketing Project is due on 5ht July! I am in a fucking rush. I have no reference right now so i have to do mine tomorrow in school. Freakingly big time. PLus i have to finish economics tomorrow as well as its due on 6th July. Fucking hell. I am stressed out & right now, I am tryin to relax myself...

Ok other than that.. What happened earlier was nothin much. Met up with Shir because i wanna get dinner at my workplace. I do not know why but i was craving for food there. So I was there. Eating, Laksa, prawn dumpling noodles & BBQ-ed chicken wings. Drank coconut. Yum yum. After main course, went Ben & Jerry's to eat ice cream. It was heaven i tell you. I love food so much.

After that i needed the toilette really badly. Shir had to go and get her mom & step dad some food so thousands of apologies shir, i couldn't accompany you knowing very well you dun like that area. AM SO SORRY! Then I came home..

P.s Lately, mom has been nagging ALOT. Its either her or its just that i get easily irritated lately. I feel bad for like telling her off in a soft but rude way. I have no idea why am behacing as such but i just wanna say. I love my mom & pls forgive me if ever i hurt you. U know.. Hormones.


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