Sunday, July 8, 2007

Seafood Spree~

Current doing: Patting my Pico
WIshing for: Chilli crab ( i shall tell u y)

Yay! Today went Rex Mackenzie at Prinsep St near to Dhoby Ghaut Area to eat SEAFOOD! Yum2!! Crab!!! I LOVE CRAB! P.s I can't eat prawns coz i will get some allergies. Pathetic isnt it.

But oh well. My family and I plus shirin went to Mackenzie to get what i always wanted. Crab. I wanted Chilli crab But shir don't eat spicy food so i chose black pepper crab. Yum yum yum. the bill was $104. So that's alrite. I consider that normal.

Nothing much happened today. Just that.

Nuryn called me just now to transfer some prepaid money to her bf's prepaid. I mean its like 1 bux so no big deal (althou it is for me to contact baby boi.)... So the number was .....6616.. I ended up giving it to ...6615.. Damn it. I was like SHIT.

So that 6615 number called me up and asked me stuffs. I told HIM (y must it be a HIM!!??) that it was an error and stuff. P.s he's chinese. name Dennis. So chinese girls, grab him ok. Thou i dunno how he looks like. His frens was like laughin in e bground. I was seriously embarrassed. Like. GAWD. How cud i send it to the wrong person. Plus I can't send nemore credit to Ryn's bf. Lower than 3 bux -.-'. So then... that's that. That guy can actually end up making frens with me.. HOw unusual. I am not interested. Big time.

Other than that. I am waiting for Mr.Bf to come home. I hate it the fact he always come home real late. & somehow i feel pushed aside. Haiyah! Love u la baby!


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