Friday, July 13, 2007


Current doing: Nothin (stomach growling)
Wishing for: A bouquet of teddy bears

I shall start of with something much nicer first. Am expecting royce chocs aT Shir's place later in the evening after work. Love life for me has been pretty good. I love Mr.Bf for bein patient with me even though whatever nonsense stuff i initiated to him.

Here comes e bad one.

I really do not know if i shud diss. Or shud i understand or shud i just keep quiet about it.
My dear girl,

Here's me typing out what Shir & me felt with you leaving us for 1 week. I won't say leave. More to ignore. Girl, u are having a problem. Which me & shir cant deduce or think of what's exactly the problem is. If it's about ur exams, sure.. we wud understand if you cud just tell us. Even though that excuse is seriously lame, but you're leaving us hanging. It's not like we didn't try to contact u or anything. Its more like we DID. & we are worried & we CARE. Ur so called disappearance or whatever, is seriously unacceptable with what's ur position. & if ur reading this and u start muttering WE do not know wth ur facing, of coz we don't. Coz u didn't tell us so u can't blame us for expressing this way.

Oh plus, u gave me a msg saying u CARE. I am sure u won't forget our Friendship. But if u CARE, u wud have just give us a notice not to disturb u. If u CARE, u wud have gone down eating seafood with us. We were tryin to contact u like mad. If u CARE, u wudn't ignore Shir's msg or my phone calls. Like yesterday, I know, u weren't in the toilet. I heard ur voice. I do not know what's the real problem here.

On me & shir's part, we respect ur privacy as a friend. But as a best friend, we want to know why are u doing this to us. We r feeling pisses, sad,angry all at the same time & e only thing we can do is just wait for God knows how long. Which isn't fair unless this silence has got to do something about US.

It's irresponsible & no offence & immature ofyou to act this way. It is like, ur seeking attention but not telling us whats d problem. that's childs play. I dunno what u went/are going thru that made u this way. But i dun think its as worse as what shir went coz i know ur a smart girl.

Just to let you know, when ur feelin much sober and kind enough to talk to you own best friends, we are here waiting. dun leave us hanging. We still love you no matter what..


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