Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bad Love life

Current doing: Webcamming with Claudia (HAHA)
WIshing for: Not to go to work & drinking Coffee Bean.

First thing first. Congrats Claudia(P.s visit her blog!) cause you manage to get into the semi-finals for Teenage icon! (APPLAUSE). All e best & good luck to you! Remember if you become teenage icon, make a speech with my name in it :P HAHA.

Back to serious shit. Me & Him got into a fight for the past few days. It is really irritating. It's like when i start to cool down. He starts giving me that nonchalant attitude. I hate it. Its like.. Whatever am talking to him is boring or something(mayb it is is because that i have practically nothin to talk abt). Plus. I know he's sleepy but.. Everyday is like. "baby am otw to work", or "baby i mish u", or "baby i call u soon i finish work". & when we're on the fone.. He was like this..".............." & i have to be like this,"A.B.C.D.e etc2". Totally (& not literally alphabets >.<). & so i was fed up yesterday & he put down on me & msg me not to msg him coz he know am goin to(which ironically i wasnt goin to) & that he wants to sleep. So i cried myself to sleep. He called me up a few mins later & i rejected. & i didn't wanna talk to him anymore. Like it started to make sense to me the only time he finds me is when its all about THE sex. Other than that, if he starts feeling fed up with other people, he tells me but most of e time i leave him alone coz consoling him only irritates him. So hell. He just msged me to drop by his workplace later after i finish working & that he'll send me home. Hell. I am seriously not gonna do anything (plus period is here -.-'). I still love him no matter what.

Now, I havesome plans to plot on here.Like, i have plans to go Double O this Thurs but but.. Mr.bf says dun go there coz there's alot of fights or something. SO i changed my plans to go Home Club on saturday to celebrate Earth Day. Woohoo. I mean like, partying because of Earth Day, i shall thake that as a good cause. Huahua. I shall tell my darling gal pals if they would wanna go.. Plus saturday afternoon am goin to eat Seafood with the girls at Bedok ( i shall pray shir's wisdom tooth wont be extracted) & sinfully bloat myself with lotsa seafood(the calories count!). I shall enjoy eating like no one's business.

Term break this coming month or so.. I am going to have a chalet. My class chalet. Whereby $15 each i think. I dunno. It's still not confirmed. But 2nd Term break, I AM GOING TO KL!!! YAY2! WOOHOO. I can't wait! But i still eyt to tell my bf about this plan. Hopefully he agrees.

Ok. Nothing much to update really. Other than that.. till then..:):)

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