Saturday, July 7, 2007

Aryan Orgasm

Current doing: Sit back & relax

Wishing for: Strawberry Aryan!!!!!

Yippee!! Good news!! I finished ALL my assignments!! WOOHOOHOO! Partly thou i feel like i may get a C or D for my Economics. It's like really difficult. Ok fine. Whatever.

Bad news is, my exams are coming in a week's time. Hooray -.-'..

Yesterday was damn fun!!! After Economics class, Me,Pinky,Vicky,Shamini,James,Samad,Carol,Faysal,Raja,Justin all went to Sheesha at El-Sheikh. There was other friends too.. But i really forgot their name. hahas. So we ordered 2 sheeshas that cost $15 each. Then ordered 3 aryans.. strawberry for me & 2 mangos for vicky n pinky. IT WAS FABULOUS! MY GAWD. The taste was THE best of anything i could think of. I nearly wanted to order a second one.

So sheesha-ing was fun as I sheesha-ed 25 puffs straight. It didn't make me ultimate high. It was like slightly high. I wudn't call it tipsy coz it isnt. Haha. Then e guys like challenge God knows how many puffs. So James was like tryna get high all e time. Then we camewhored like ALOT. I will put up the pics here :D

The negative part of it was that. when we wanted to pay, one of the bitch said "erm what are u guys doing?" & rolled her eyes. I was like. WTF?! I nearly told her to ask properly. I bit my lip and just went downstairs. I wanted to give a feedback form, but well, we were too far from the place anyway.

We went Macd after that, to get some dessert.. & we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Came back home around 12.15 AM. Tired. Mr.Bf was quite angry at me for coming home late. But he was ok.

Here are the pics btw:

iQi- Tryna see the smoke
James & iQi- Look wasted (FRENS ONI!)
Vicky & James - Couple of the Day
Pinky & iQi. Adores

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