Monday, July 30, 2007


Current doing: Chatting with my ENTERTAINER aka Fezguin!
Wishing for: My life to be just like Happy Feet.

Haha. HAHa. I dunnno y i just feel like laughing...
I am happy. So yeah. Happy for nothing really..

When e fact goes i fought with my ex.
SO yeah.

I am stilll happy coz..
I feel that its best just to think positive..

No matter what happened.
I know this FEZGUIN will actually be there.

Although i can't guarantee he's always there la..
Kaki kluar la ni budak.

Oh well.. so now am like plannign on how to make my blog look nicer and noting down things i should add and things i should edit on. Haiya. Not today. I have e whole night n days fer me. 2 weeks to be exact 0.O

Talking about 2 weeks. I am free from school for 2 weeks~~!! So people who are dying(HAHA) to go out with me... BEEP me ASAP!! Hurry!! I AM BORED!! :D:D Heeee...

Can't wait to go KL soon this 4th aug. For at least 3 days. With my school frens. Btw, dun worry.. Mosst prolly am bringing my lappy along :D:D SO i can contact all of u who are again dying(HAHAHAHA) to chat with me :D & webcam!! I can show u my surroundings or smth.. HAha..

OK fine. I shall stop crapping ard. I am so hungry!


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