Thursday, July 19, 2007

Leading The Single Life

Current Doing: Listening to I wanna fuck you
WIshing for: Booty call.

Yeah. Its the hormones again. I know I want it. But I am controlling. Cause this is seriously not cool. Needing a booty call when ur single. I mean like yeah I have some contacts where i can get it easily. But i ain't that sorta girl.

So i am single. For 4 days. I shall take it as it is as he did not contact me. I didn' contact him. So yeah. I mean i know i can get so called replacements but the current guy Azahar. Isn't a replacement or any sort ok. He's a fren.

My frens told me my hair is nice. Haha. I find it funny. I dunno.. Short hair is a weird feeling for me..

I am missing him. I do admit. I miss him alot. When I look at his pics.. & knowing that he never contacted me.. I start to loathe knowing him. i have no idea why.. I guess thats just how I wanna get over someone. Coz frankly, people told me to cool it off more like.. Just relax. I can relax more now. Not compared to e previous night. Whereby I was crying my heart out.

Although to admit as well.. Azhar was there for me.. To cheer me up. I just wanna say thanks for that. Haha.

Today's exam paper was easy. Paper started at 10am. I arrived school at 10.05 am. I still have 55 mins to go to the exam room. The thing is that I didnt know that there was 3 examination rooms. From level 2 i ran to another block. & suddenly realised that it wasnt myc lass at 10.55 am, i ran to e other block which was a level 1. It was tiring. People thought i came to school VERY late. Which wasn't true..

So here i am. Aza was supposed to call me but i guess he fell asleep. SO its ok. I have my own time for now.. Saw HIM goin online. It wasnt on purpose or nething. Just suddenly saw him. & i felt sad & neutral at the same time. neutral coz its not like i dunno how to be alone. SO its neutral. Sad coz e last drop of the name 'PhiQiQie' isnt there anymore. So there you go. Our chapter ended. Just there.

Plans for this week:

1. Meet Hui2 tmoroow at 6 to go to Night Safari get dinner.
2. This Saturday there's a Rapture concert. Go with Shir xD
3. Upcoming chalet on 30th & 31st. (Glad mom allows me.)
4. Rot my ass off. & work


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