Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clean Up After Shitting PLEASE.

Met Faz and Adeq earlier on.
God. Was it fun.

Boy & Girls. Before marrying,
Have a thorough check up of each other.

You wouldn't want to be the one cleaning up each others' shits.


You wouldn't want to be THE shit.


Double-O Double-O.

RonRon promoted to Lance Corporal! MORE MONEY!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

This & that & growing up


I miss my fun life.
I miss my life when I have money.
I miss my life when.. I have all the time to be outside having fun.

I hate it now that I am maturing and rotting away making me feel..incomplete.

I have like a few things to stress about.
  • MAJORLY money issues. >> Like RonRon has been supporting me & him together on his pathetic $500 pay(which ironically to me isn't pathetic since am still alive & kicking). So i majorly need work. I LOVE WORKING. I just hate searching for it :(
  • Is his lil bro. I have been tutoring his lil bro. U think its easy?! Hell no! Ok. First I have to be extra extra extra patient because of the pace. He is slightly slower. & there's alot of factors in why tutoring him is really stressful.
  • As my mind matures, I am not worrying for myself. I worry also for my family. Especially my mom right now. It's about her degree. She's really ssomeone I look up on. Juggling full time work & school. I love her. But I wish I could help her financially as well. Considering I have school this July too & it isn't cheap, that's for sure.

So far that's my main problem.

When I wake up do nothin, I think about them. When in the middle doing nothing, I think about them. Before I go to sleep, I think about them.

No wonder mom & dad said I look old -.-'.

I really miss hanging out with the girls.

I really miss my hubby.
I miss how much time we had together.
I miss the times when am really sick & growing..
I miss his mom........It isn't long..but her presence really make a difference to me.
I love RonRon so so much

I don't bother with poetry or nice nice words already laa.
My relationship is too season for that HAHAHA.

Oh. I have decided on my babies names. Hmm. I plan to continue the 'A' legacy.
Since it's:

Azwina(duh me)
Azriani(lil sis)
Aaron Ang(my hubby)

I am random.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Rememer these?

Yeahp. Archie comics.
I spent my primary school reading them.
I love it. To me its better than Marvel.


It's on sale at Popular. The one i know is at Lot 1.
Not sure about the others.
1 for $5/$6.
3 for $12.
Am gonna buy another 3!!

Now off to L4D-ing.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boo! Am back.

Haha. I look so urgh. At JB eating. Dad's b'day.

My baby girl. Hershey. She look like lizard here.

@ Ajisen Ramen during RonRon's nights out. That's my new haird do -.-'

My favourite in Indonesia. Authentic Bakso taste. Beef balls *drools*


I know. Been a while. Reason:
  • Last weekend was spent going Batam & shop for lingerie, bags, clothes.
  • After that spent time with RonRon which in turn I fall sick. Got bad flu & headache.
  • Sick for a week.
  • Weekdays was spent tutoring his lil bro. Intensive training here.
  • By the time night comes, am too busy gaming or tutoring.
  • & everything repeats like this; Game,Tutor,RonRon,Game. or Game,Fam,Tutor,RonRon.

& I hardly log in MSN now. I had a bad haircut. & I DONT WANNA MEET ANYONE TILL MY HAIR GROWS OUT! ARGHH! & so... Batam trip was uneventful. It was just usual shopping and the first day we spent more than 7 hours shopping non stop. It was tiring for me as I didn't get any sleep the day before. I was really unglam of me when I slept with my mouth open*oops* waiting for my food at A&W. I am looking for a job. A part time job. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS PLSS?? It's just for 3 months or more.

Oh yes.

I enrolled my tourism degree course at Queen Margaret University UK.
But unfortunately, am not going UK(i wish..).
The campus is at Balestier & its REALLY a Uni of its own.
Just branched out in Asia.
It's ranked 58 in UK though.
oh well. Better than nothing.

My term starts this July. & ..
I hope e stress wont get to me too hard..

I have no other updates for now.

& i love RonRon.
&& I really miss gaming with e usuals and meeting with my girls.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quran Reciting - ONLINE.

I am a Muslim.
So part of being a Muslim is to read the Quran.

I do my Quran reciting online.
Female teacher is called Ustazah(oos-tah-tsar).

I am not sure where are they currently situated at but they are confirm from Pakistan.
As far as I know, ONLY they make full use of technology.

Mostly Quran recitings are either on your own or someone will supervise you.

For this, I shall tell you how it works.

  • I need Skype to communicate verbally.
  • There's a programme called 'Mikogo' that allows me to join a meeting 'Online'. & no, i don't need a webcam. [It works in a sense whereby once I join their meetin, in which they will give me the meeting ID to allow me to join, I can see everythin on their desktop/what they're doing on their desktop in another window. So it's still minimisable.]
  • I need a mic for the Skype obviously. & whatever arabic letters that appears on my screen(or technically theirs) I just need to say it out. Easy as that.

Below shows roughly what I meant.

Bad point is, it'll be slightly laggy. Not e voice though. When after reading a verse and I can't see the next one, when Ustazah scroll it down, it'll need 5 secs to fully settle down the image.

But we can wait :D

Technology now is really useful.


Monday, April 6, 2009


I know I sound very indecisive right now.

But parents wants me to go for degree.

So here's something you can like help me.
I really need help.

Please tell me which private degree isntitution should I take?

Aside from, Kaplan, SMU, SIM & MDIS.
Any others?!!!

Please Please tag as I reallyyyy need to decide which school by the end of this month.

Thanks :). & please don't fill it with abbreviations. I won't be able to guess.



Can't celebrate Hershey's Birthday on the 10th :(

I forgot that I am going to Batam with the fam on 10th & 11th.

So no RonRon also =(...

Looking forward to Sunday! 
Can do my hair!
RonRon said since I don't want Max Benner's, he'll pamper my hair.
Of course I'll try & get mommy to put in some cash! Who knows i can highlight too!!

& Fri & Sun was spending time with RonRon.
& Almost everyday L4D-ing.
I daresay I improved! NO MORE FRIENDLY FIRES!
Ivey! Netty! We play advanced mode sooon!

I still suck at VS mode.
I hate being a Hunter.


Last but not least.
I love you to bits.
Sorry your prezzie will come in a month's time.
I ordered it so don't worry.


Saturday, April 4, 2009


THESE are currently on top of all Wishes.

Don't know if RonRon will consider buying them.
Wish it to be more Mickey Mouse the authentic one.

But these will do..~

I am sooo in love with these phones!
Maybe some of you knew about it already laa. But its really cute to me.

1.3 MP.
with Bluetooth & yada yada yada all those normal nowadays phone specs.
Sadly no WiFi.

Baby I waaaaaaant~ *whine**wail*!!


Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1 Year Old to my darling Hershey!

Today marks her birthday.
Frankly, I do not know exactly when. I'm just following the day I found her.
She was really tiny.
Me & RonRon found her and began playing with her.
RonRon loves Dalmatians.
So RonRon loves her. LOL

I sneaked her in my room.
Gave her some food.
& hid her in my toilet.
The next day, my parents found her and agreed to keep her.

Sadly, we can only celebrate her birthday on the 10th or 11th.
RonRon's pay comes in!!
Will update sooon!

"Love isn't filling the other half of you. It's two wholes being together."


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Overdue Pictures.

Pictures are not coordinated with the events.
Events were: Outing with Bahiyyah & Syimah, LAN Left 4 Dead with Ivey & Netty, Self shots.

We were nauseated in the cab
& Netty was about to throw up.

I am still waiting for the pictures we took on our 2nd LAN outing.


Small.. & disappointing.

I am tutoring now.
I'm not a certified one.HAHA.
I'm tutoring RonRon's lil bro for his PSLE.

I was rejected by RP.
I am now going to the alternatives.
I am half hearted to use parents' money for degree.
So I am enrolling myself Mandarin classes.

Wish me luck.

& I have a shoutout.