Thursday, April 23, 2009

This & that & growing up


I miss my fun life.
I miss my life when I have money.
I miss my life when.. I have all the time to be outside having fun.

I hate it now that I am maturing and rotting away making me feel..incomplete.

I have like a few things to stress about.
  • MAJORLY money issues. >> Like RonRon has been supporting me & him together on his pathetic $500 pay(which ironically to me isn't pathetic since am still alive & kicking). So i majorly need work. I LOVE WORKING. I just hate searching for it :(
  • Is his lil bro. I have been tutoring his lil bro. U think its easy?! Hell no! Ok. First I have to be extra extra extra patient because of the pace. He is slightly slower. & there's alot of factors in why tutoring him is really stressful.
  • As my mind matures, I am not worrying for myself. I worry also for my family. Especially my mom right now. It's about her degree. She's really ssomeone I look up on. Juggling full time work & school. I love her. But I wish I could help her financially as well. Considering I have school this July too & it isn't cheap, that's for sure.

So far that's my main problem.

When I wake up do nothin, I think about them. When in the middle doing nothing, I think about them. Before I go to sleep, I think about them.

No wonder mom & dad said I look old -.-'.

I really miss hanging out with the girls.

I really miss my hubby.
I miss how much time we had together.
I miss the times when am really sick & growing..
I miss his mom........It isn't long..but her presence really make a difference to me.
I love RonRon so so much

I don't bother with poetry or nice nice words already laa.
My relationship is too season for that HAHAHA.

Oh. I have decided on my babies names. Hmm. I plan to continue the 'A' legacy.
Since it's:

Azwina(duh me)
Azriani(lil sis)
Aaron Ang(my hubby)

I am random.


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  1. u may consider...
    boy-Ang Pow
    gal-Ang Ku Kuei