Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boo! Am back.

Haha. I look so urgh. At JB eating. Dad's b'day.

My baby girl. Hershey. She look like lizard here.

@ Ajisen Ramen during RonRon's nights out. That's my new haird do -.-'

My favourite in Indonesia. Authentic Bakso taste. Beef balls *drools*


I know. Been a while. Reason:
  • Last weekend was spent going Batam & shop for lingerie, bags, clothes.
  • After that spent time with RonRon which in turn I fall sick. Got bad flu & headache.
  • Sick for a week.
  • Weekdays was spent tutoring his lil bro. Intensive training here.
  • By the time night comes, am too busy gaming or tutoring.
  • & everything repeats like this; Game,Tutor,RonRon,Game. or Game,Fam,Tutor,RonRon.

& I hardly log in MSN now. I had a bad haircut. & I DONT WANNA MEET ANYONE TILL MY HAIR GROWS OUT! ARGHH! & so... Batam trip was uneventful. It was just usual shopping and the first day we spent more than 7 hours shopping non stop. It was tiring for me as I didn't get any sleep the day before. I was really unglam of me when I slept with my mouth open*oops* waiting for my food at A&W. I am looking for a job. A part time job. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS PLSS?? It's just for 3 months or more.

Oh yes.

I enrolled my tourism degree course at Queen Margaret University UK.
But unfortunately, am not going UK(i wish..).
The campus is at Balestier & its REALLY a Uni of its own.
Just branched out in Asia.
It's ranked 58 in UK though.
oh well. Better than nothing.

My term starts this July. & ..
I hope e stress wont get to me too hard..

I have no other updates for now.

& i love RonRon.
&& I really miss gaming with e usuals and meeting with my girls.


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