Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quran Reciting - ONLINE.

I am a Muslim.
So part of being a Muslim is to read the Quran.

I do my Quran reciting online.
Female teacher is called Ustazah(oos-tah-tsar).

I am not sure where are they currently situated at but they are confirm from Pakistan.
As far as I know, ONLY they make full use of technology.

Mostly Quran recitings are either on your own or someone will supervise you.

For this, I shall tell you how it works.

  • I need Skype to communicate verbally.
  • There's a programme called 'Mikogo' that allows me to join a meeting 'Online'. & no, i don't need a webcam. [It works in a sense whereby once I join their meetin, in which they will give me the meeting ID to allow me to join, I can see everythin on their desktop/what they're doing on their desktop in another window. So it's still minimisable.]
  • I need a mic for the Skype obviously. & whatever arabic letters that appears on my screen(or technically theirs) I just need to say it out. Easy as that.

Below shows roughly what I meant.

Bad point is, it'll be slightly laggy. Not e voice though. When after reading a verse and I can't see the next one, when Ustazah scroll it down, it'll need 5 secs to fully settle down the image.

But we can wait :D

Technology now is really useful.



  1. My dear, remember that the Quran is not only meant to be read but also to be followed and used as a guide. ;)

    Good start though! :D
    Love ya babe! Meet up soon! :D

  2. Hehe. Thank you.
    I can't wait to see u~!

  3. hey azwina.
    not sure if you remember me.
    hamizanah. just bumped into your blog when i visit jun's blog.

    hahha.. its been so long kan...:)

  4. hamizanah>>>

    How could i forgeeeeet!!!??

  5. hey there.
    was just bloghopping.
    just a few words i wanna say.

    acknowledging yourself a Muslim carries more than just a post itself.

    lynn sophie anabelle