Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Rememer these?

Yeahp. Archie comics.
I spent my primary school reading them.
I love it. To me its better than Marvel.


It's on sale at Popular. The one i know is at Lot 1.
Not sure about the others.
1 for $5/$6.
3 for $12.
Am gonna buy another 3!!

Now off to L4D-ing.



  1. Ina..MAEVEL IS WAY BETTER THAN ARCHIE...archie dah mcm love triangle sia...uh hee hee...i love x men marvel more than evolution...and what the hell happen to ure hair?????

  2. Har har.
    My hair eh. I am so sick of bob that i told the lady to layer n layer n layer e shit out of my hair.

    i fergot my hair is rebonded and the curls are out so it looks slightly funny.

    now ma waitin fer it to grow. so far ok la. i can use my eyes as diversion frm my hair. HAHAH