Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is motherfucking shiit! MOHIFH IUI3763c84%R


Monday, July 28, 2008

Past 2 Days

Am having Flu. & add in cough/sore throat.

Past two days wasn't much. My weekend wasn't that interesting because it just isn't. Well aside from spending time with Aaron. I have been pretty lonely without my PSP. Tell me about it. & oh well seriously, there isn't anything much. I can't remember aside from hanging out with Aaron in his room and sleeping and snacking on Apple Chips (which is my current favourite!!) & also walking around mainly at Causeway Point.

Erm.. I really have nothin to talk about.

P.s Am targetting for that Kate Moss perfume which costs $71 bux!!! I AM SO GONNA BUY IT!! ARGHH!!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

All of today

I went to school earlier.

Planned to go a bit later cause iknow the teacher's a lil bit a draaag..

After that.. met with Aaron at his house first cause he wanna watch his 2 fast 2 furious. 

We went to AMK Jubilee to repair my PSP at around.. 3 plus. 

Then we were pretty hungry due to watchin Hell's Kitchen & went to AMK Hub to eat Fish & Co.

Personally, that isn't really a favourite place of ours to eat, but Aaron still prefer Fish & Co compare to New York New York(althou frankly, New York2 isnt that all fantastic thou..the taste is just ok..), so we had Mussels with Garlic & Butter as starters.. It was really creamy... & baby boy loved it.. I find the butter is too overwhelming after a period of time.. For our main course, I had Baked Salmon.. basically with a little of creamy mushroom sauce and grated baked cheese on it.. It was pretty nice but it didnt give me that WOW feeling. Not like how MFM did. Aaron had Baked Ginza Salmon. It looks like sesame seeds on it and i tasted it, it tasted like.. Japanese food. & it twigged my memory of my sashimi experience. LOL. Both of us  tried dipping with whatever sauce we had, mine still taste all right.. but his, japanese flavour was a bit too strong.. Haha.. 

Dessert we had Chocolate Fudge With Vanilla Ice cream. It has some chocolate cream on it and the taste was like Cafe Galilee's chocolate brownie with that ice cream on it(just no peanuts). It wasnt really sweet neither bitter. Its pretty nice.. But both us can't finish it. We had too much cream here and there. 

& i got super hyper after that. That Aaron told me to stop it because his stomach's hurt from laughing too much. Ahh.. Lol. 

Then, i met family at 8 plus to go eat at Rex Mackenzie Restaurant at Prinsep St to have dinner. Again. It was with my Grandmama, aunt, uncle & cousin. So I had black pepper crab, 2 prawn with oat mix with butter fillinga (or something else am not sure) & seafood fried rice. I swear. My stomach looked like its gonna burst or something. 

& after that, we went to Mustafa Centre to buy stuffs. & something funny happened there. I am too sleepy to really go in detail, on the surface, a matrep thinks i owe him my number just because i asked for his help(he was just lucky that he happened to be ard me). Dumb. & Stupid. 

Oh well.. Time to sleep with baby..

P.s Am gaming with the DS in e meantime..


Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is frustrating.

I am spoilt. & pampered.

& i do not know if i can change this. 

I don't know if i can take it if things don't go my way.

I don't know if i can take it if things don't go my way and that am going to throw my temper around and realise it's so mofo childish of me to do that and start gettin moody and truth about me being spat on my face.

I mean. Hell sure I don't mind frankness. But on e other side.. I guess am still human. & at times humans cant accept it. I KNOW i am. But I just hate it when people keep telling me things I already know. 

& now am thinking. Do i.. REALLY love him? Or am i just taking him for granted? With these things on my mind.. I only know that i can't bear to lose him. Not now.. Not ever.. I've considered everything.. & is just that.. I love him on how he pokes me.. Even though he makes me mad.. But its for e best.. I love how he corrects me.. Even though in turn he's gonna be my temper victim. He risked it all.. He risks whatever that'll make me more.. emotionally mature..or how am to think.. He may not be all that mature but he is pretty wise. 

Well. Am now in my solitary mode. Thinking & thinking. Of what I should do. Of what he's feeling. Of what's going to happen. Of almost everything.. & the more he pokes me.. at times.. i think.. the more impossible i see for us to be more than just 'in a rship' mode. But it'll all disappear when I start thinking of what would i lose just because he wants to chge me into a better person? I'll gain.. him & myself..

Arghh.. 10,000 people who maybe reading this will just say am not fucking ready to be in a heavy commitment rship.. It's just true.. I shall take time.. I shall take time to know who i really am...


No reason.

So tomorrow..

No entertainment all the way school.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Flu attack

So am having flu.

Yesterday, something most shitty happened. Argh!

Class was conducted way at Dhoby Ghaut. It wasn't the usuals & it isn't nice because its way far for me. & so during breaktime, me & 3 frens of mine went to Long John Silver to get our breakfast. I was stirring the hot milo when it spilled on my PSP! ARGH!! I panicked like one roach and it was ok at first, but i figured out that the milo was too sticky. After breaktime, Jacq was playing it ,& i found out that my left side buttons are not functioning properly. ARGH!!! This pisses me off real bad. Well I complained to Aaron of cause.

Lunch was with Jacq & Shir(she text me earlier). Lunch was at Bishan Junction 8 food court. After that me & Shir went home to relax. Called Aaron to drop by my house to help me repair this shit & also format my laptop(urgh. Dun let me start on my laptop. it's a total cock up). & in e end we agreed we should head to AMK to repair. But my parents told him & shir to eat something firrst before going out. 

Well when we arrived, the guy gave that,"so fast spoil" kinda face. It was embarrassing. He told me to like leave e PSP 2 or 3 days to see if i can play after that. Plus I did use hair dryer to dry its inside, but i guess it sticked or something. After that, we went to Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens to eat BBQ-ed stingray. Shir & Jacq said its nice. Me & Aaron said Ulu Ulu's nicer. Because Ulu's MUCH bigger & tender & we get to buy it at $7.50 & it includes rice & some vegetable :) While Chomp's small and dry =/. Sorry Shir, I still think u failed on recommending me on Seafood. lols. But I love the SugarCane Juice thou. Effin' BIIIG!

We were so full after that, & head back home. 

P.s I am still pissed with both my laptop & PSP. Stupid gadgets can never function properly.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hmm about today..

Ok. I know my blog may not be the most interesting around.

Just because I don't post much pictures.

& just because I don't outline words with colours.

But like i like it, i just like pouring my feelings out here. & it to me it reallly doesn't matter if you understand them or not because if you feel what i felt, u'll understand.

& on to top it up, I dun really bring around an 8 megapix cam capturing my surroundings. For I don't really find anything interesting. Or maybe am just looking at the pessimistic side of the world. Well I tried seeing the good side. Or maybe I didnt try hard enough. 

I had frequent arguments with him lately. & most of the time, he gives in. & it was all because of me getting way too sensitive. I shall just point out that I am sensitive & he loves to jab that part of me. Oh god.

& tomorrow's Accounting class is at Dhoby Ghaut. OH GOD! It's far!

& right now am pathetic. Even if people were to rob me, am just plain penniless. I dun have any insurance (or maybe i do, under dad's) that I own. I am not working. & am living my ass off from mom & dad. Oh. Adds in Aaron too. Cause he practically pays EVERYTHING. From my school fees to everywhere we go out together. 

For now not much of rants. Sorry it's kinda boring.



Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just a matter of Days

I have been moody lately.

I get very offended by small comments made by Aaron.

Get very easily irritated by him. I feel so bad.

& when I start gettin moody, I give one kind of attitude.

That is silent treatment. 

Like I'll just ignore whatever he says (although I am still listening). & when i do that, i pity him. Lol. He has to like feel so irritated as well i guess. But he's always persistent in trying to make me talk again. I love him on how patient he was. 

I may consider making another blog because someone has been stalking me and reporting stuff to my mom. I have no idea. I mean if that particular person dun like it, he/she can talk to me. I dun need to trouble my mom further with what I know I did was wrong & stuff like that. It's really pathetic. 

Well last 2 days went to a restaurant Sizzler at Toa Payoh to eat. Baby boy said it was wonderful. & that he so wanna go there again but much earlier than we came. Because for every main course we ordered, we'll get salad,fruits,soup & ice cream. Altogether for the both of us it costs, around $74. Their service is pretty good too. So whoever love steaks and grilled stuff go there :) BIG recommendation yes.

I am planning to go work once any work is available. Because arguments with my mom is making my patience wearing thin. I am cooped up at home when there's no school. & when I frequent goin out with Aaron mom isn't happy. So might as well i make myself busy. 

Pretty much that's all i have right now. ARgh.


Monday, July 14, 2008


I am not going to talk about what happened on Friday.

Saturday was just stuck at home.

Sunday: Which was just 3 hours plus ago..

 Me & Aaron met at 310 pm at control station.

Morning he has some ritual for his late mom...

So once we met, we went to Seoul Garden & met Mark, Qiu Yan, Joel, Eugene, Andy & Cassandra. So there's 3 couples while the other two are like lamp posts. & we ate our hearts out & stuff. It was really a fun moment until.. a fren of our's msged QiuYan that one of our colleague just passed away due to a bike accident. Well we thought it wasn't that serious but it is true. & again, that grim feeling that i felt when my another fren passed away.. it's a .. weird feeling.. The mood all changed.. Argh..

After that we went to play some games at Timezone & then we split up around 6 plus. As Mark has to book in to camp at 9pm. Me & baby went to Civic centre library to eat brownies top up with Ice cream & cookies & cream Milkshake at Cafe Galilee. NICE SIA. & after that we went to watch HELLBOY II.

Overall review, I find that itsn ot THAT action packed like how i hope it would be because their fighting are.. like that. Their characters are not bad. The meaning of the story is just ok. It would be deep for people who don't look human. Like an outcast in the human world. Their script has humor. The show didn't make me sleep but it didn't make me on the edge of my seat either. I give a 2.5/5 for their humor, chars & the storyline. Other than that, you all gotta watch to judge it. 

I miss Aaron :( Badly now.. I reeaaaaallyyy wanna be his wife now. Cause we were browsing diamond rings!! He promised to buy me one with his first full time pay :D & he promised to buy me a 1 carat for proposal AND a 2 carat for marriage. YAY!!! I LOVE HIM!!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funny thing

I guess I am pretty much stressed up.

 Events are:

1. I woke up early to go for my PBM (II) examinations. & parents sent me to school and had a jam so I thought I was going to be late. The previous night, I was up almost all night waitin for my gf to call me up as I wanna know what to study for the paper. She didn't. So i was wondeing why.

So upon arrival, I called her up and she was still asleep and exam's like 45 mins away. 

Me: "Girl, which notice board to find the classroom?"

Her:"Exam's tomorrow leh girl. Today the 10th."

Me:"Huh? Serious ah? U wait hor"

*Checking calendar in handphone* Right. it's e 10th -.-'*

Me:"Shit. Sorry paisey wake u up. Bye2"

Fucking hell. I thought TODAY was e 11th. & it was only e 10th. WTF?

I was like embarrassed like shit. I mean c'mon, how in the world can I think today's 11th?!!!!

Aaaaaaargh. & bf was laughing at me when I called him up.

For after that I went to his house. So when i alighted at CCK, I was walking blindly. I KNOW am spose to be alightin aqt CCk but I forgot why am there for. So I rem baby boy's place. But I was already walkin blindly, I had to remember which is e right way to take e stairs goin towards LRT.. So I slowly walk & think & realised I am walking towards the right way. 

*slaps forehead*

When I was in the room lying down with him cause I am like sleepy.. He asked me what I wanna eat so that his bro can buy fer us. Then I told him I dunno. & dun let me ask him to go buy Pie Kia for me and send him all the way to CAUSEWAY POINT. Then i stop talking for awhile & realised Pie Kia is NOT at Causeway Point. Baby boy rolled his eyes and said:

"Pie Kia is NOT at Causeway Point.." * & started laughing* While I kept correcting Lot 1. I was like in tears from embarrassment. FUCK.

Wtf.. really.. Now am studying. URGH.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another day went by

To reflect back.
I had my Economics examination today.
Bugger was my friend texted me what to study for the paper.

But stupid handphone didn't receive the bloody msg.
& thank God I studied at least half of what am to study.
So when I arrived school, me and two other friends hanged and sit outside of the class to do last minute memorising.

I have time to race against because am suppose to meet Aaron around 11 plus or 12. But being like a brat who writes and remembers quite a few stuff, I took 1 hour plus just to finish the paper.
So didn't get to game at home with him :( In the end we had lunch together and off he went to work. & me to home.

When I arrived home, PLUNK! on the bed. & slept till 7 plus evening.
Went out with the fam to eat at Sembawang because it's mom's birthday today.
Pretty pathetic cause mom isn't in a festive mood and stuff like that. So.. it was kinda low.

Oh well. It was normal.. & i'm missing my bf. Damn.

& am like waiting for Dee to start msging me when she wanna challenge Dj Max with me -.-


Monday, July 7, 2008

Some very recent updates

Sorry i didn't blog much past few days.

Bottom line: Nothin to blog.

I was just stuck at home trying to study.

Economics is a motherfucking bugger.

Fuck Fuck & What the fuck.

I can't stand it. FUCK. I seriously can't flop this one or anymore modules for it's getting on my nerves I haven't graduate this stupid school who don't really follow by GPAs. Shit.

So yesterday,

Mom & Dad sent me & Aaron to Darul ArQam Convert Place thingy. It was a very interesting seminar/orientation. For the speaker isn't condemning any other religion. He was pretty good. It makes me feel like, trying to find back my path and what's Islam is about. like they just pretty much emphasize on the One-ness of God. & Islam meant 'conviction & loving submission to God'. I find that pretty true because mostly what we do in life, we submit to rules like, example, when u steal something, u look around so that u wont get caught. But you don't submit to God. 

I can like say A LOT about what I learnt, but they pretty much meant, doing someting sincerely and that Islam is all about thinking. Islam is a way of Life literally. & most restrictions has their logical reasons. You can ask my boyfriend. He has first hand information. 

Aaron distracted me during the talk because........ his stomach rumbled. Pretty  loud to me. & out of e blue, I laughed. It was awkward & funny. The talk was 10 am till 12 noon. But it got extended like 1 hour 30 mins more. So we ended going off at 1.37pm . Boyfie bought this 'Halal & Haram' book. Whereby it translates all the things of what's prohibited & what's fine. Cool uh. 

& so after that, parents invited boyfie to eat lunch at our place and it felt like old times way before hell break loose. & also he ate with his hands. He loooks soo cute lol. 

After all that, we went to the Marsiling Clinic to get his blood test & stuff. Then off to his house to sleep. Tired.. Morning sia woke up... & then game.. & game.. & Wii & PsP-ing.. haha.


P.s, you may expect I won't really be online much because my stupid laptop SHUT DOWN on me twice(NOT RESTART).


Friday, July 4, 2008

Study & Fun Day

I went to study today. Had to go out a bit later because i had to cook some stuffs for my family. So I went to study at MacD.

Baby boy came a bit later..& when he did, i was still writing notes. He helped me set up my PSP. Cause i want that DJ Max P2 game. Hahaha. Fuuun.

In the end I felt hungry and we ate & after that played the game. We challenged. Duuh. He won a lot >.>

Then we went to walk around causeway Point to find some stuff. In the end.. I saw this particular 70 cm Pooh bear at Gift a Name. I wanted it. Jokingly at first, cause I was tryna figure out how the hell am gonna carry it all around. But after that, baby wanted to buy fer me in exchange for Nissan Skyline whatever. I don't know what it's called. Hahaha. The Pooh Bear is like my new BodyGuard. *Squeals*!!! I LOVE AARON! 

Here's e pics :D P.s i blushed when i brought the thing around with ppl looking at me.

Seriously, it's head is bigger than mine like God knows how many times.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

PSP Slim!!

I bought PSP just now.

PSP slim pink. :)

Bought it at $350. 

PSP alone is $325.

$10 extra because its pink

another $15 for my memory card.

It's all modified.

& i bought it at Ang Mo Kio at Jubilee Centre.

It's called Game Connection i think. So buy there. They have good service :)

For Aaron he bought his PSP there, his Wii there & his DS there. Imagine that. My bf is really contributing money to them.


& those who loves pink, WORSHIP ME! ENVY ME! LOL


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What happened yesterday.

So yesterday. & today. I AM SICK.

Stupid fever. It was 39.2 & then 38.4

Aaron brought me to the doc. So it was like, we went to his place first. & noticing that my body is too hot, we went to Marsiling clinic & then went to AMK to go to my clinic, and he wants to buy some Wii stuff and then head back to his place again. 

He bough House of the Dead 2 & 3 and we played like mad. Its irritating coz we kept dying even if its under easy mode. and so many credits and life. Like Damn >.>

I had eye mutation after eatin the pills. God. I look like an alien. I stopped the medication. Gawd.

I miss him.