Monday, July 14, 2008


I am not going to talk about what happened on Friday.

Saturday was just stuck at home.

Sunday: Which was just 3 hours plus ago..

 Me & Aaron met at 310 pm at control station.

Morning he has some ritual for his late mom...

So once we met, we went to Seoul Garden & met Mark, Qiu Yan, Joel, Eugene, Andy & Cassandra. So there's 3 couples while the other two are like lamp posts. & we ate our hearts out & stuff. It was really a fun moment until.. a fren of our's msged QiuYan that one of our colleague just passed away due to a bike accident. Well we thought it wasn't that serious but it is true. & again, that grim feeling that i felt when my another fren passed away.. it's a .. weird feeling.. The mood all changed.. Argh..

After that we went to play some games at Timezone & then we split up around 6 plus. As Mark has to book in to camp at 9pm. Me & baby went to Civic centre library to eat brownies top up with Ice cream & cookies & cream Milkshake at Cafe Galilee. NICE SIA. & after that we went to watch HELLBOY II.

Overall review, I find that itsn ot THAT action packed like how i hope it would be because their fighting are.. like that. Their characters are not bad. The meaning of the story is just ok. It would be deep for people who don't look human. Like an outcast in the human world. Their script has humor. The show didn't make me sleep but it didn't make me on the edge of my seat either. I give a 2.5/5 for their humor, chars & the storyline. Other than that, you all gotta watch to judge it. 

I miss Aaron :( Badly now.. I reeaaaaallyyy wanna be his wife now. Cause we were browsing diamond rings!! He promised to buy me one with his first full time pay :D & he promised to buy me a 1 carat for proposal AND a 2 carat for marriage. YAY!!! I LOVE HIM!!


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