Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funny thing

I guess I am pretty much stressed up.

 Events are:

1. I woke up early to go for my PBM (II) examinations. & parents sent me to school and had a jam so I thought I was going to be late. The previous night, I was up almost all night waitin for my gf to call me up as I wanna know what to study for the paper. She didn't. So i was wondeing why.

So upon arrival, I called her up and she was still asleep and exam's like 45 mins away. 

Me: "Girl, which notice board to find the classroom?"

Her:"Exam's tomorrow leh girl. Today the 10th."

Me:"Huh? Serious ah? U wait hor"

*Checking calendar in handphone* Right. it's e 10th -.-'*

Me:"Shit. Sorry paisey wake u up. Bye2"

Fucking hell. I thought TODAY was e 11th. & it was only e 10th. WTF?

I was like embarrassed like shit. I mean c'mon, how in the world can I think today's 11th?!!!!

Aaaaaaargh. & bf was laughing at me when I called him up.

For after that I went to his house. So when i alighted at CCK, I was walking blindly. I KNOW am spose to be alightin aqt CCk but I forgot why am there for. So I rem baby boy's place. But I was already walkin blindly, I had to remember which is e right way to take e stairs goin towards LRT.. So I slowly walk & think & realised I am walking towards the right way. 

*slaps forehead*

When I was in the room lying down with him cause I am like sleepy.. He asked me what I wanna eat so that his bro can buy fer us. Then I told him I dunno. & dun let me ask him to go buy Pie Kia for me and send him all the way to CAUSEWAY POINT. Then i stop talking for awhile & realised Pie Kia is NOT at Causeway Point. Baby boy rolled his eyes and said:

"Pie Kia is NOT at Causeway Point.." * & started laughing* While I kept correcting Lot 1. I was like in tears from embarrassment. FUCK.

Wtf.. really.. Now am studying. URGH.


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