Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just a matter of Days

I have been moody lately.

I get very offended by small comments made by Aaron.

Get very easily irritated by him. I feel so bad.

& when I start gettin moody, I give one kind of attitude.

That is silent treatment. 

Like I'll just ignore whatever he says (although I am still listening). & when i do that, i pity him. Lol. He has to like feel so irritated as well i guess. But he's always persistent in trying to make me talk again. I love him on how patient he was. 

I may consider making another blog because someone has been stalking me and reporting stuff to my mom. I have no idea. I mean if that particular person dun like it, he/she can talk to me. I dun need to trouble my mom further with what I know I did was wrong & stuff like that. It's really pathetic. 

Well last 2 days went to a restaurant Sizzler at Toa Payoh to eat. Baby boy said it was wonderful. & that he so wanna go there again but much earlier than we came. Because for every main course we ordered, we'll get salad,fruits,soup & ice cream. Altogether for the both of us it costs, around $74. Their service is pretty good too. So whoever love steaks and grilled stuff go there :) BIG recommendation yes.

I am planning to go work once any work is available. Because arguments with my mom is making my patience wearing thin. I am cooped up at home when there's no school. & when I frequent goin out with Aaron mom isn't happy. So might as well i make myself busy. 

Pretty much that's all i have right now. ARgh.


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