Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Flu attack

So am having flu.

Yesterday, something most shitty happened. Argh!

Class was conducted way at Dhoby Ghaut. It wasn't the usuals & it isn't nice because its way far for me. & so during breaktime, me & 3 frens of mine went to Long John Silver to get our breakfast. I was stirring the hot milo when it spilled on my PSP! ARGH!! I panicked like one roach and it was ok at first, but i figured out that the milo was too sticky. After breaktime, Jacq was playing it ,& i found out that my left side buttons are not functioning properly. ARGH!!! This pisses me off real bad. Well I complained to Aaron of cause.

Lunch was with Jacq & Shir(she text me earlier). Lunch was at Bishan Junction 8 food court. After that me & Shir went home to relax. Called Aaron to drop by my house to help me repair this shit & also format my laptop(urgh. Dun let me start on my laptop. it's a total cock up). & in e end we agreed we should head to AMK to repair. But my parents told him & shir to eat something firrst before going out. 

Well when we arrived, the guy gave that,"so fast spoil" kinda face. It was embarrassing. He told me to like leave e PSP 2 or 3 days to see if i can play after that. Plus I did use hair dryer to dry its inside, but i guess it sticked or something. After that, we went to Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens to eat BBQ-ed stingray. Shir & Jacq said its nice. Me & Aaron said Ulu Ulu's nicer. Because Ulu's MUCH bigger & tender & we get to buy it at $7.50 & it includes rice & some vegetable :) While Chomp's small and dry =/. Sorry Shir, I still think u failed on recommending me on Seafood. lols. But I love the SugarCane Juice thou. Effin' BIIIG!

We were so full after that, & head back home. 

P.s I am still pissed with both my laptop & PSP. Stupid gadgets can never function properly.


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