Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another day went by

To reflect back.
I had my Economics examination today.
Bugger was my friend texted me what to study for the paper.

But stupid handphone didn't receive the bloody msg.
& thank God I studied at least half of what am to study.
So when I arrived school, me and two other friends hanged and sit outside of the class to do last minute memorising.

I have time to race against because am suppose to meet Aaron around 11 plus or 12. But being like a brat who writes and remembers quite a few stuff, I took 1 hour plus just to finish the paper.
So didn't get to game at home with him :( In the end we had lunch together and off he went to work. & me to home.

When I arrived home, PLUNK! on the bed. & slept till 7 plus evening.
Went out with the fam to eat at Sembawang because it's mom's birthday today.
Pretty pathetic cause mom isn't in a festive mood and stuff like that. So.. it was kinda low.

Oh well. It was normal.. & i'm missing my bf. Damn.

& am like waiting for Dee to start msging me when she wanna challenge Dj Max with me -.-


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