Friday, July 4, 2008

Study & Fun Day

I went to study today. Had to go out a bit later because i had to cook some stuffs for my family. So I went to study at MacD.

Baby boy came a bit later..& when he did, i was still writing notes. He helped me set up my PSP. Cause i want that DJ Max P2 game. Hahaha. Fuuun.

In the end I felt hungry and we ate & after that played the game. We challenged. Duuh. He won a lot >.>

Then we went to walk around causeway Point to find some stuff. In the end.. I saw this particular 70 cm Pooh bear at Gift a Name. I wanted it. Jokingly at first, cause I was tryna figure out how the hell am gonna carry it all around. But after that, baby wanted to buy fer me in exchange for Nissan Skyline whatever. I don't know what it's called. Hahaha. The Pooh Bear is like my new BodyGuard. *Squeals*!!! I LOVE AARON! 

Here's e pics :D P.s i blushed when i brought the thing around with ppl looking at me.

Seriously, it's head is bigger than mine like God knows how many times.


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