Monday, July 7, 2008

Some very recent updates

Sorry i didn't blog much past few days.

Bottom line: Nothin to blog.

I was just stuck at home trying to study.

Economics is a motherfucking bugger.

Fuck Fuck & What the fuck.

I can't stand it. FUCK. I seriously can't flop this one or anymore modules for it's getting on my nerves I haven't graduate this stupid school who don't really follow by GPAs. Shit.

So yesterday,

Mom & Dad sent me & Aaron to Darul ArQam Convert Place thingy. It was a very interesting seminar/orientation. For the speaker isn't condemning any other religion. He was pretty good. It makes me feel like, trying to find back my path and what's Islam is about. like they just pretty much emphasize on the One-ness of God. & Islam meant 'conviction & loving submission to God'. I find that pretty true because mostly what we do in life, we submit to rules like, example, when u steal something, u look around so that u wont get caught. But you don't submit to God. 

I can like say A LOT about what I learnt, but they pretty much meant, doing someting sincerely and that Islam is all about thinking. Islam is a way of Life literally. & most restrictions has their logical reasons. You can ask my boyfriend. He has first hand information. 

Aaron distracted me during the talk because........ his stomach rumbled. Pretty  loud to me. & out of e blue, I laughed. It was awkward & funny. The talk was 10 am till 12 noon. But it got extended like 1 hour 30 mins more. So we ended going off at 1.37pm . Boyfie bought this 'Halal & Haram' book. Whereby it translates all the things of what's prohibited & what's fine. Cool uh. 

& so after that, parents invited boyfie to eat lunch at our place and it felt like old times way before hell break loose. & also he ate with his hands. He loooks soo cute lol. 

After all that, we went to the Marsiling Clinic to get his blood test & stuff. Then off to his house to sleep. Tired.. Morning sia woke up... & then game.. & game.. & Wii & PsP-ing.. haha.


P.s, you may expect I won't really be online much because my stupid laptop SHUT DOWN on me twice(NOT RESTART).


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