Saturday, July 26, 2008

All of today

I went to school earlier.

Planned to go a bit later cause iknow the teacher's a lil bit a draaag..

After that.. met with Aaron at his house first cause he wanna watch his 2 fast 2 furious. 

We went to AMK Jubilee to repair my PSP at around.. 3 plus. 

Then we were pretty hungry due to watchin Hell's Kitchen & went to AMK Hub to eat Fish & Co.

Personally, that isn't really a favourite place of ours to eat, but Aaron still prefer Fish & Co compare to New York New York(althou frankly, New York2 isnt that all fantastic thou..the taste is just ok..), so we had Mussels with Garlic & Butter as starters.. It was really creamy... & baby boy loved it.. I find the butter is too overwhelming after a period of time.. For our main course, I had Baked Salmon.. basically with a little of creamy mushroom sauce and grated baked cheese on it.. It was pretty nice but it didnt give me that WOW feeling. Not like how MFM did. Aaron had Baked Ginza Salmon. It looks like sesame seeds on it and i tasted it, it tasted like.. Japanese food. & it twigged my memory of my sashimi experience. LOL. Both of us  tried dipping with whatever sauce we had, mine still taste all right.. but his, japanese flavour was a bit too strong.. Haha.. 

Dessert we had Chocolate Fudge With Vanilla Ice cream. It has some chocolate cream on it and the taste was like Cafe Galilee's chocolate brownie with that ice cream on it(just no peanuts). It wasnt really sweet neither bitter. Its pretty nice.. But both us can't finish it. We had too much cream here and there. 

& i got super hyper after that. That Aaron told me to stop it because his stomach's hurt from laughing too much. Ahh.. Lol. 

Then, i met family at 8 plus to go eat at Rex Mackenzie Restaurant at Prinsep St to have dinner. Again. It was with my Grandmama, aunt, uncle & cousin. So I had black pepper crab, 2 prawn with oat mix with butter fillinga (or something else am not sure) & seafood fried rice. I swear. My stomach looked like its gonna burst or something. 

& after that, we went to Mustafa Centre to buy stuffs. & something funny happened there. I am too sleepy to really go in detail, on the surface, a matrep thinks i owe him my number just because i asked for his help(he was just lucky that he happened to be ard me). Dumb. & Stupid. 

Oh well.. Time to sleep with baby..

P.s Am gaming with the DS in e meantime..


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