Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hmm about today..

Ok. I know my blog may not be the most interesting around.

Just because I don't post much pictures.

& just because I don't outline words with colours.

But like i like it, i just like pouring my feelings out here. & it to me it reallly doesn't matter if you understand them or not because if you feel what i felt, u'll understand.

& on to top it up, I dun really bring around an 8 megapix cam capturing my surroundings. For I don't really find anything interesting. Or maybe am just looking at the pessimistic side of the world. Well I tried seeing the good side. Or maybe I didnt try hard enough. 

I had frequent arguments with him lately. & most of the time, he gives in. & it was all because of me getting way too sensitive. I shall just point out that I am sensitive & he loves to jab that part of me. Oh god.

& tomorrow's Accounting class is at Dhoby Ghaut. OH GOD! It's far!

& right now am pathetic. Even if people were to rob me, am just plain penniless. I dun have any insurance (or maybe i do, under dad's) that I own. I am not working. & am living my ass off from mom & dad. Oh. Adds in Aaron too. Cause he practically pays EVERYTHING. From my school fees to everywhere we go out together. 

For now not much of rants. Sorry it's kinda boring.



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