Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Monday

Current Doing: Reminiscing
Wishing for: My hp to beep.(from anyone)

Yeah. I miss him.
But. I dun wanna contact him.
My feelings for him is the same.
I still love him.
But. I can't forget the lonely days i spent.
The days I cried.
The days when I rather be alone.

I know now.. We are just not ready for a long term rship. No. If we are, we wud have small petty fights but not everyday kinda thing. I envy my fren's rship. They are so happy. I pray they last.

I fought with Aza. Coz. He said i dun care about him. I care for him. As a fren. I cant care about him too much. I have just fallen out of love. Second I dun love him. 3rd. In my position, i find he asked fer too much. Even if its just a meeting. WHen i say NO. its a NO. Coz i hate people forcing me. (Especially if i cant find any purpose to do what people wanted me to do).

Am all out of love. Although I know, there are thousands others who are experiencing this feeling now.. I know its never e end of e world, i know people kept tellin me there are other fishes in the sea, i know that i have to move one. But. I CAN. But. I just cant open my heart to anyone else. Q.Q is the only scar that's left behind by him. I love her. Like i love him.

Forget it.. I can't keep ranting about what's past now.

So shir told me some of Mother Teresa's Quotes. It's really deep. & it touches my heart. Her words kept me thinking about the world. That in the midst of all the war, the global warming.. There is still some good in the world. That's worth fighting for. That ur not gonna gain anything by worrying.. & the only joy ur gonna get is by doing something right in your life. Something peaceful. Something that makes u happy(although i'll be concerned to those who think killing makes them happy.. Am referring these happy quotes to the SANE people ok.) Something that does not need harming another being.

These are just dreams. The world will always have a good & e bad. & you can choose which you wanna go to. I daresay am not a perfect human. But i hope those people out there.. whatever u choose.. Ur responsible enough to face the consequences. God bless you all.


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