Monday, July 2, 2007

The usual First Entry

Current doing: Waiting for Mr.Bf to call me up.
What I wish : To actually finish up 2 more assignment in 4 days time.

I forgot my old blog Id & pass. *Pfft* Blame my STM head. All right. I hope by making this new blog i will update it regularly because I yet to polish up my English due to work (where all the chefs can't speak/understand certain basic english) & also me trying to learn Mandarin. YES! I am!!

To those who do not know much of my surface. I am schooling full time at MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore) takign course in Travel,Tourism & Hospitality Management. I am working part-time at Night Safari Restaurant, Ulu-Ulu.

At work just now, one chef knew I could speak some basic words and understand basic chinese (when they do not speak fast). Unfortunately, he was speaking mandarin to me so fast that i have to guess. Well am lucky I got it quite right. That's why i Need to learn Madarin ASAP.

Ok. I shall update this much for now as i have not edit anything on my blog just yet. Till then, Toodles.


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