Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My fucken heart

Current Doing: Crying my Fucken heart out
Wishing for: Please let me forget him

I HATE HIM! WELL I HOPE UR HAPPY NOW THAT I HATE U SO MUCH! THAT I HATE U!! I am crying.. coz.. i hate u.... SOBS...

I just so fucken hate you coz i love you!
I have so many fucken to hate you but i love you!
I hate you so fucken much that i love you too much!

From now on..
I hope you fucken leave me alone.
I dun wanna know.. Who and what ur doing to.
Or be there for whom.
I dun wanna know.
Coz no matter how much i wanna forget u.
I dun wanna be reminded of even a bit of u.
I dun wanna know who u were.
& what u were to me.
I dun wanna know who is iQi.
I dun wanna know from where I knew you.
I dun wanna know what was our memories.
I wish I had never let u fuck me.


Just anyone..
Am begging..
TO save me from this heartache...



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