Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am fine now.

Pictures are from Sat and go any lower, it's old activity.

Me, Hui Hui, Qiu Yan

Ryan, WaiKin, Mark

Please. I hate this pic of me.

I totally look URGH. So here's the cake.

Ok story goes like this. I was fooling around with my NEW thong.
It's NEW OK!? And RonRon snapped it for me.
Oh. I got the idea from Pintsize. A char from QC.

My birthday cake by my family =). I have like
3 birthday cakes for 2 years in a row. Wow.
I love you people!!

Yvonne & me. CO colleague.

My baby Hershey. Sheesh my bed damn messy.

NiNi & Me.

Sorry readers.

The last post was..
Just my sensitivity and a whole lot of mood swings.

Ok here you go.

My Saturday was spent with Hui2, Qiu Yan, Mark, Wai Kin, Ryan & RonRon(later part).

It was my belated birthday celebration & Wai Kin's as well.
We headed to Pasir Ris to eat Arnold's(which is yummy and my family's favourite chicken food;they have one in Paya Lebar).
& after that headed to Esplanade to meet RonRon after he's finished with his NDP thingy.

It was really fun meeting my old friends and destress me a lot since I keep working and shits like that.

As you all can see, I have stopped Movie Reviewing and food reviewing because.. I am not in the right mood these few months.

I am currently having family problems & financial problems. Well.. sort of but not serious. Still. Problems.

Eversince I age(or maybe its just naturally aware of), I have been pretty much worrying about lots of other future things.

I don't like asking my parents money even though I had to..
I don't like RonRon to keep buying me expensive food even though both of us end up giving in to expensive food.

& well lots of other things like me & mom's school loans, saving for erm, marriage..

GOD i sound old.

I am in the midst of NO LIFE right now. Work, Home, RonRon.

& after calculating my pay for this coming July.. it's 1.3K excl CPF. Wow.
No wonder my schedule is only 3 days this coming week. =/

Pictures are up.

Till then.



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  1. come on..u said it ureself u're a workaholic..who says u got no life?..u do ok..=)..Dwi