Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sony Ericsson G900

I'm thinking of buying a new phone.

Not because my phone is spoilt(well slightly. They joystick).

But mainly because of SE G900's WiFi function.

My bill have been hitting $70-$80 (i know its not that much but long term it's gonna be such a liability) so I have another choice.

So here are the choices:

1) Singtel has this Mio Mobile service. You pay $10/mth(if i got it right its below $20) and you'll get unlimited Outgoing calls. So it meant I have to get a Singtel Plan which is $15. Of course la the cheapest one.

The thing is, I still have to keep my Starhub number for 1 more year. Because, next year then the contract ends. So note down: Starhub's gonna be a liability for 1 year.

2) Just get the god damn(or not) and make my bills to $70-$80 as per normal.(+ all the family financial going on.)

P.s I don't do trade-in phones kinda thing. Had never done it.

So people, help me choose an option or suggest ok?

*fuck la wtf is wrong with the pic uploader. Sheesh.


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  1. Everybody has a problem with the picture uploader..haha...if u trade in it's actualyl abit and i mean abit cheaper..well its after all money right..Dwi