Sunday, August 24, 2008

Monday Happening

This is the funny picture

Look at our shorts. All the way up!!

I can't do it thou. HAHHA

Baby was trying to look nice.

He looks like a girl 0.0!!

The clam chowder at Chicago Steakhouse.

Left is my Strawberry fizz. Right is baby's 

whatever fizz. xD

At Bistro Deli having quick late lunch.

During NDP

Bistro Deli's Mussels & cheese.

Monday went to baby's house aft school xD

Then slept for a while and had stupid dreams that keeps continuing when i woke up & sleep back again. When i couldn't stand it, i woke up and woke baby up and took some stupid pics that i will post. It was really funny. After that we went to MacDonald's to take our lunch and did a bit of grocery shopping. I bought this baby food for myself. HAHA. I LOOOOVE baby food. I guess that's why i have a baby face.

& after that we stayed home whole day playing games and I spent half of the time dancing. & then nothing much uh.

There are pics that'll i'll be posting that i forgot to post. Hahah. So just enjoy the pics for now. 


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