Sunday, August 24, 2008


It hurts.

It always hurt when he's hurt.

Why? Why when am the innocent party..

Being wary of how i behave.. How far i stand, how close i walk, how i talk, still doesn't count? 

How come he's feeling insecure when I seriously know that he's the one for me? How come he just don't trust on how i deal myself with other guys? The more i know i can't hurt them physically, the least i can do is to be apart. I never & i know it, give that guy a wrong impression.

It hurts so much to see him feeling this way. Because.. I feel like i committed a big sin which i have no clue to what am supposed to do when I had done nothing wrong. 

I am scared.

I am really scared he won't trust me when he goes in NS. I am so scared that  am tearing pretty badly. I can't. I don't think i can go on with life smoothly without him. For he supports me when am done. He's patient.Patient than anyone I know. I never ever have a thought to cheat on him. & i know I will never. I love him. I love Aaron. 

Baby, i'm so sorry if i hurt u in any way. I'm just so sorry...


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