Monday, February 18, 2008

Getting Much Better

Current Mood: Pretty much pissed

Lately happenings:

2 days ago was my cousin's wedding on my dad's side.
It was pretty much ordinary but the one that's interesting is that they have this traditional malay entertainment called 'Kuda Kepang'. & also they had dinner which involves swords and soldiers.
I was too tired halfway round. & most of the time i was eating and drinking.

My injury/foot was the center of attention because i was limping. my goodness. It was broadcasted and it was really embarrassing.

Yesterday went to Night Safari to pass my MCs and just eat there and look around. It was fun because i went with baby & lil bro & mom. So we had some adult talk with Mom. It was interesting because Mom rarely talk to any of my past bfs or what not. So I guess most prolly its because Aaron's non-muslim so yeah.

Today Dad went to MDIS to pay my remodule & sup paper fees. I didn't know he USED MY nets & left me with a pathetic $50 inside!! FUCK SIA! From 200++ yill 50. SHIT FUCK SIAL. I nearly screamed at him. WTF?! AAAAAARGH!!  Whatever ah! So back to school for me. Not to say i can't wait or anything, just that I WANNA GET OVER SCHOOLING AND START WORKING FOR MY FURTHER STUDYING!! DAMN!!


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