Thursday, February 7, 2008

CNY surprise

Stuck at home.
Writhing in pain!! MOTHERFUCKING pain sial!!

Spent my past few hours at Singapore General Hospital with baby..
All because of falling down. Haha.
We were walking around exploring Chinatown after work.
That was around 1 am or so. It was jam packed.
Lots of prostitutes i saw.
Seriously like my ferst time looking at em up close(aside frm my baby sitter's acquaintances).
They are ugly & transexuals e prost! & the ang moh gay men likes them. (i mean like obviously they should know the prost is transexual so that makes em gay rite?I DUN CARE. THEY ARE GAY!)

Then we planned to go Lau Pa Sat to eat.
We were walking on one desserted road alley and i wanted to sit on baby's shoulders. Then e others sort of challenged e others to run,while am on his shoulders. Told himm not to but well boys being boys, got a lil excited and ran. Haha
I closed my eyes..
By then i got a feeling am gonna fall...
& he tried to stop.. but couldn't, & so we fell while he tried to save my left leg, irony was, i sprained my left leg badly. Right leg abrasions but not harmed. I was on the floor tryin not to cry. Hee. Am strong girl!

So they did somethin to my leg that felt like forever. & i realised I couldn't walk. Baby had some abrasions on his knuckles.. It kept bleeding. & he bruised his shoulder & knee cap and left hand mostly. He still offered to piggy back me all the way to Lau pa sat. I so love him for doin tat.

We ate for a while & around 3 plus went to SGH. Doc said its just some sprain or something. We can't go to work for a few days now. Oh & made small chats with some patients there. Damn fun.
We only get to sleep at 7 am. In baby's house. & i so love him.

& am so loving this fucking pain. fuck.


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