Friday, February 15, 2008

8th day of Pain

My mind's gonna explode anytime!

I can't stand this!

I can't stand being at home.

Go kitchen just to find food or cook for myself.

& whenever i start walking to see if I can walk..
I still can't.. Sobs..

This is ever depressing.
This is fucking depressing.

EEvery morning I wake up to feel my foot free of pain..

When I stood up.. I winced in pain.

Sobs.. This is ever fucking effin IOWJFO heoghesn L!*#@(*$ depressing sia!

I seriously wanna cry!

But i do thank God i have baby to entertain me..

& i really wish & hope he wont need to work tomorrow..
I am going insane..

Bed ridden its bad enough. Imagine bed riddenwith no entertainment from ur love one!

Siblings schooling.
Dad & Mom goin cuzzie's ROM.

Sigh.. Helpless.

I have been cranky lately. Snapping and being unreasonable towards Aaron.
I cant help it. Stupid hormones. am sorry!


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