Friday, March 28, 2008


I didn't know I can game.

Played baby's DS and beat his high scores.
Not everything. The ones he like is the one i beat him into.


Yesterday was supposed to get my second blood test.
But the bloody nurse said I have to come tomorrow. Which is today before 3 pm.

I didn't go today because if i do i will faint. & no one's gonna help me up.

So here I am rotting my ass away.

Baby's been patient with my mood swings. Interesting enough.
He is also patient with how i just snapped at him.
OBVIOUSLY i don't take it for granted. I DO tell him when am moody ok.

I super love him.

Oh I bought something for Shirin's b'day. IT's CUTE PINK. Hope she likes it.

Oh & i bought another VS bag. Cut uh..



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