Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pardon me. Pls.

As am aware of the last time I made an entry.

I finally got my second blood test last Tuesday. As in 1st April.
Mom accompanied me.
I was hyperventilating.
When e doc called my number in, I was super hyperventilated, constipated and nervous and God knows what else. I was seriously feeling am gonna faint.

So it was my turn to have my blood sucked out of my body and well I wasnt nervous and did not even dare to look at e needle. Mom tried distracting me but seriously it wasn't helping.
Mom totally made me look like a freaking baby! I was seriously embarrassed. Am 19!! She treated me like I was God knows. ARGH!
My tests results will be this coming Tuesday. Can't wait. I wonder how's me body.

Ok. i have not been WoW-ing lately because I am spending a lot more time at work, with Baby Aaron & housework I think. I am starting school this Tuesday as well.
Sigh.. Back to morning. Urgh..

Today was really fun. My fam & i went to Han's Restaurant i think, to eat steamboat. It was really nice. I had 5 rounds of it. My stomach bloats alot. Well I guess am eatin alot because am not just eatin fer me u know.

Am thinking of moving in with him.. Should I really?Hmm..

That's all :D

Till then..


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