Thursday, March 6, 2008

Political stuffs

To start of

This JI thing.
As most people know, this asshole escaped from the detention centre.

& inconvenience caused was traffic jams going towards Malaysia. The checkpoints i mean.
Another inconvenience caused, some of those in NS, police force aren't allowed to be home much and NS not allowed to book out.

Ok. & this is e point, still, some ignorant motherfuckers, thinks the government is making up stories about a JI on the loose! Some even made up a stupid conspiracy of "The Government may be covering up something." I was like wtf? Those people who thinks the govt made up stories was just plain dumb. They wanna act they know something but they are just plain ignorant and denial Those who made up about the govt wanna cover up their ass thinking that the JI is dead, fuck. Why would there be all the inconvenience if the JI die? They would really love if the JI is dead anyway. Mayb they are insulting the security force not being tight enough. But on e other hand, why would the government want to lie about something as big as this?!!!

This is like a fucking serious matter. & if those people wants to keep blaming the government just because they are in denial, I won't be surprised if Sg is half gone! Cause those people are not seeing the point here. Whereby this matter if persists, foreign investors will not wanna set up business in Sg and currencies goes down and when that happened, those dumbfucks(ignorants) will again blame the government. Oh please. So much for u all being a fucken grown ups.

Yeah. I understand, the government do lay down stupid systems and rules and stuff but laws has nothing to do with the JI on the loose.

U know why am i so pissed and angry now? BECAUSE MY MOM IS AFFECTED! She worked like 18 hours a day just to find this bloody asshole at her workplace! I didn't get to see her much lately and there were several times she fell sick! Shit sia. If you all think like this is what the government wants of their police force or whoever is under pressure/affected, think again and stop stereo typing! Stereo typing are for people who has no fridging life!

& yet yesterday was another pissed day.

Ah fong, one of the cook at noodle station told me to close the station at 2221 hours which was early because am to close it at 2240 at least.

So after closed, we are cleaning up and stuff to get ready to clean the area. This one customer came up wanting to buy Prawn dumpling noodles, i told them its closed. 
They weren't happy.. so debbie came forward and offered to cook for her. Then Ah fong's face not happy.

Then the second customer came. I KNOW they are Night Safari staff. They just wanted some plain rice. I said to em hold on. & i turned my head. Ah fong cut in and said we are closed in a pretty rude way. Then they sad they went to Grill station. Yana from Grill station came to ask me if i have rice, she said I have and why i didn't give it to em. I was like shock and by e time i wanna say something, Ah fong cut me in saying "When i say close, close already rite? U heard me what." I was seriously pissed, in a way he sounds like he's insulting my intelligence and that he didn't even understand my position. I understood it was closed, but it was still fucking early. All they wanted was rice and he can like scoop for em. PLUS i would understand if they wanted some meat or someting and he dun wanna cut for em because its really troublesome. Shit sia. I was like, i said NO to some staffs. & e one who gonna get e scolding will be ME & not him. Cibai.


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