Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Belated 1 Year Anni

It was on 12.12 approx 0012hours.
It is also me parents 21st Anni on that date.

To start off from what you missed, my cousins from Australia came & slept over for two days. I didn't really talk much because I don't really have any topic plus my right ear is almost deaf from God knows what is inside. Am going to the doc on Monday to get it check. 

Thursday we went to Sentosa. Me,Sis,Ilah & Farhana. By the time we reached there and the 3 of them swam for like 10 mins, the Lifeguard blew the whistle asking everyone out of the water as it was drizzling. & a few minutes later it was pouring. We resided under one of the shelters. I haven't even get myself wet. & 20 mins later, we decided to change & grab some food & then home.

But I didn't have the key for the new lock so we ended up goin Timezone(arcade). We topped up $30. & we played like mad.

After everything, we went home & I was really exhausted by then. I've been sleeping way before 3 or 4AM now. & waking up by 10 or 11AM. 

12.12 came.

RonRon & me met up at Causeway Point. We didn't know what to eat, as I was craving A LOT. So we ended up eating Chicken Rice & he ate some soup thingy. Then we went to buy movie tix for the show Twilight. Before the show starts, we gamed at Timezone. Again. & we went to Mini-bits. He bought me a set of ear rings and necklace! It is soooo beautiful. Thanks sweetie.. & then off we went for the movie.

Ratings: 3/5. I love Vampire shows. & this one is not as classic like all I ever heard of. It is a modern show & storyline wise is mostly about Romance/Love etc. It is an ok show. 

After movie we went Ulu Ulu restaurant to eat. It's at Night Safari. & we had, Crab Meat Fried rice, Vegetarian Naan Set, BBQ chicken wings which the chef gave sooo much & got a free Promo of the month which is Turkey Kebab i think. They are all very very tasty. 

After food, head back home to his place & played Rock Band 2 till I feel all sleepy. Went back home by 3 am. 

Pictures will be later after this post. As usual, lazy to upload first.

P.s I love him!


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