Friday, December 5, 2008


I fell asleep earlier & woke up as I remembered baby wanted me to get some games.

& i tried to search i surveyed CANNOT FIND leh....

Last whole week wasn't that eventful, just the normal stuffs & i DO have a lot of photos to put just that am super duper lazy to upload them. What else..

Just events that went by last week was:

1) Went for bowling with lil sis. Initially it was to be at Marina Bay there, but upon arrival found out it closed down & went to the neareast at Marina Square, City Hall. It was booked/closed/reserved for some company thingy2 and we weren't satisfied, in the end we went to E-Hub Downtown East. Tell me about it, we ARE willing to go that far. & yes it was only the two of us & it was super fun. We played 3 sets altogether & the bowling shoes is soo nice on me. A lot of my ball went into the gutter fer the 1st set. E other 2 sets is ok la. But my sis still won . Haha. 

2) Went to my baby sitter's house as I told you. It's at Bedok. I in the end baby sit the kids there and played a lot with what they wanna play. It was fun. There were 2 girls, they like to pray 'Princess' & they reminded a lot of me when I was as young as them. They had princess gowns and I made them my models. One day I shall post it up. 

Last Saturday itself I fetched RonRon & he wasn't feeling well. Pity him :( He was only ok when it comes to those moments but other than that he can barely get out of the house. He took MC on Sun & Mon. 

& he's booking out later at 9.30pm & i can't even meet him due to time constraints :( I miss him la!


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