Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The time when we were at the chalet, we went to Xcape Theme Park.

I only like the ride that wter thingy & Viking.

The funny thing that happened was in the Haunted House

Few people in front me was freaking out for nothing, which made me feel like freaking out too.
There was this girl who was dressed in white and white hair and stuff. I was in front, RonRon was behind. Since the atmosphere is freaking me out, that girl touched my shoulder. I think she wanted me to move away but the way she touched was like tryin to scare me or something. By then I already freaked out and I shouted," CIBAI  LA FUCK! DUN TOUCH ME LA! FUCK CIBAI!" & with the attempt to like move in front as quickly as I could. * I feel stupid now* 

To be honest, it wasn't scary but thanks to those in front, i already freaked out. 

Review for Quarantine. 4/5. Less 1 because the storyline suck. The show is sooo good that it gives the viewer like they are IN the movie(or for me & RonRon, it was like a 1st shooter kinda feeling). & it was shocking and the suspense is quite good in the middle. The starting is a lil bit draggy & stuff. Overall, a good show!

Few days before meetin RonRon, went out for dinner & movie with darling Hui Hui. We end up watching Hell's Highway-KM 31. It was the stupidest movie I ever watched. Oh me & Hui2 took the couple seat. It was weird because our left & right are both real couples. & before we entered our cinema, we went to the wrong one. That's like my 2nd time! & Hui2 is worse than I am when watching scary shows! She kept hugging me and closing her face and lotsa things hahahha!! We enjoyed that night.

Oh & tmr's  baby's POP. So am to sleep early & seriously, Hershey is pissing me off.


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